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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

  • Apply for Additional Qualifications courses
    (Note that a valid email address and credit card are required)
  • Check the registration status of your application
  • Update your current contact information

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Receiving Your Funding


Graduate base funding can include these three components:

  • External Scholarships
  • Employment (e.g. GA, TA, RA)
  • OISE Fellowship

Each component is disbursed in a different way.

Scholarships: SSHRC, OGS, and NSERC are disbursed by the School of Graduate Studies through the ACORN system in 3 sessional instalments (i.e. payments in May, September, and January or payments in September, January, and May). Information on how the installments are issued is provided by SGS. Other external scholarships are typically sent to you directly from the granting agency.

Employment: are disbursed through the Human Resources system (login using the NON-Appointed/Casual login). Once you submit your payroll documentation to your employer, payments will be disbursed through direct deposit to your bank account.

OISE Fellowship: are disbursed through ACORN. The fellowship will be directed to your outstanding fees first and any remaining funds will be distributed to you in two equal instalments (September and January).

Note: If you would like your scholarship payments deposited directly to your bank account, enter your banking information on ACORN under Personal Information once you are registered.


Updating Your Contact Information


Please ensure that your mailing address and email on ACORN is current at all times. This is for two reasons.

1. ACORN will not process any refunds or awards for students without a valid mailing address on the system. This applies even when you have your banking information set up on the system. If your mailing address is invalid or expired, no cheque or direct deposit will process.

2. We occasionally need to send mail or emails with important information regarding funding to all funded cohort students. Address and email information is downloaded from ACORN weekly inorder to contacting students and provide them with important information. 

If you wish to receive your funding in a timely manner, ensure that your address and email is current. If you are having problems updating your information, you should contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

Students are required to have a university-issued email account and to provide that email address on ACORN. If you have not done so, please activate your university-issued account and add the address to your personal information on ACORN. 

For more information, refer to the Policy on Official Correspondence with Students