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Practicum/Internship Exemption


Purpose of the Exemption

Student in the CP and SCCP programs who are eligible for the Graduate Funding Package may be  exempted from the work obligations associated with the funding package if they are required by their programs to complete either a practicum or internship.

Work Exemption

We treat practica and internships as equivalent to a work component for the year, assuming these meet a minimum of 220 hours. If you complete the Practicum/Internship Exemption form and claim the exemption, you will not be required to complete any additional work component. Receipt of the completed form by OISE will indicate that you are declining your offer of a GA and your OISE Funding Grant will be adjusted upwards to bring you to the required minimum funding level stated in your funding letter. The Dean’s Office will send you a revised Graduate Funding Information Letter once they have received your completed Exemption Form. Please note that if you subsequently decide to accept an OISE Graduate Assistantship, TA, or Course Instructor position, the income will count as part of your graduate funding package.

Practicum and Internship Inclusion

Practica for which this exemption applies are associated with courses AEC 1203, AEC 3217, HDP 1218, and HDP 3241. Internships for which this exemption applies are associated with courses AEC 3268, AEC 3270, and HDP 3242.

Paid Practicum/Internship

It is permissible to apply for this exemption even if the practicum or internship is paid. If you are claiming a Practicum/Internship Exemption for a paid practicum or internship, the money you receive from the internship or practicum will be counted as part of your Graduate Funding Package (beyond reimbursement for travel and meal costs).

For purposes of the funding policy, we do not consider full-time internships (even if paid) to be full-time employment. If you have a full-time internship, you are eligible for the Graduate Funding Package and may complete the Declaration Form.

The Practicum/Internship Form will be provided here (Please download the form and use Adobe Acrobat to use the fillable form function). If you wish to claim the exemption, you are responsible for ensuring that the form is completed by you and your department and submitted to OISE Dean's Office.