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The Dr Claire Alleyne Staff Excellence Award

Celebrating Great Staff

In fall 2010, OISE will begin accepting nominations for the Dr Claire Alleyne Staff Excellence Award, which recognizes staff members for exceptional leadership in their role in advancing OISE's mission. the award recipient will be honoured at the annual Awards & Commendations Ceremonies on the last Friday in May, 2011.

Faculty Council approved the renaming of the Staff Excellence Award in December 2009 after recently retired OISE Registrar Dr Claire Alleyne, as a way for the OISE community to honor her 35-plus years of exemplary service and dedication to staff. Dr Alleyne created the Staff Excellence Award in 2005, and it was officially established by the Faculty Council in 2007. The inaugural award was given out in 2008. During her career at U of T she modelled excellence in serving the needs of students and faculty, for which she received a Chancellor's Award...More

The Dr Claire Alleyne Staff Excellence Award acknowledges and celebrates outstanding OISE staff. Designed to recognize employees who have made significant contributions to the OISE community, the award is made annually and presented at the annual Awards & Commendations Ceremony held in the spring each year. All OISE administrative, technical and research staff are eligible for this award.

Nomination form & detailed instructions including submission procedures, award criteria & eligibility

Award News

2010 Dr Claire Alleyne Staff Excellence Award Announced
Margaret Brennan, OISE graduate studies financial awards officer, is the 2010 recipient of the Dr Claire Alleyne Staff Excellence Award...Full Story



OISE Staff Excellence Award winner Susan Hall
Susan Hall, Graduate Program Coordinator in Adult Education and Counselling Psychology is the recipient of the 2009 OISE Staff Excellence Award for her deep commitment to excellence, outstanding service to the Institute, and creating a positive and lasting impact on the OISE community of faculty, students and staff.  Susan received the award at the end-of-year Awards & Commendations Ceremony on May 29.

"OISE and the UofT is an amazing place to be employed.  My inspiration at OISE has come from the fabulous people I have been so privileged to work with over my 30 years of employment here.  To receive this prestigious award is a great honor and gives me a tremendous feeling of accomplishment." –Susan Hall 


Inaugural Staff Excellence Award recipient Kristine Pearson
Kristine Pearson, Liaison Officer in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education has been selected as the inaugural recipient of this new award for OISE staff in 2008 for outstanding contributions to her department and to the institute. Kristine received her honours and the thanks of the OISE community at the Annual Awards & Commendations Ceremony on May 30...More

"What you have here is true excellence - demonstrated daily in small but essential ways, ways that keep students afloat and the work of faculty and administators moving along, indispensible for the fulfillment of any institutional mission." Sandra Acker