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Nomination Procedure

Note: This nomination procedure does not apply to the Award for Excellence in Continuing and Processional Learning, which is administered through the Office of Continuing and Processional Learning at OISE.

Nominations are welcome from the OISE Community including students, faculty and staff. The lead nominator, responsible for developing the nomination package and coordinating input from other contributors, must ensure the support of at least three co-nominators for each nomination.

The Nomination package should include:

  1. Completed Nomination Form including a rationale for the nomination highlighting the nominee’s contributions to teaching and learning at OISE, and addressing how the nominee meets the specific criteria (approximately 1000 words). The rationale should highlight particular contributions of the nominee and reference specific examples. You may nominate more than one individual per award category. Please use a separate nomination form and submit a separate nomination package for each individual nomination.
  2. Evidence of excellence in teaching including letters of support from students and colleagues. Lead Nominators should carefully select individuals to write letters of support that clearly demonstrate the nominee’s effectiveness as a teacher, mentor and/or colleague. Please ensure that these letters speak directly to the award criteria. These should not be letters produced for tenure or promotion files or any other purpose. Note: At least 2 letters should be from students and 2 from colleagues with the total number of letters not exceeding 10. Letters written by a group of colleagues or students are acceptable.

    Other evidence of excellence in teaching may include: summary data of annual student evaluations; list of internal and external teaching awards received by the nominee or for which s/he was nominated;  overview of courses delivered and/or designed by the nominee along with a sample of related materials showcasing innovative practices/strategies used by the nominee in his/her courses (e.g. syllabi, bibliographies, assignments, assessment methods, field experiences, teaching assessment activities); evidence of educational leadership (e.g. contributions to curricular, pedagogical and/or professional development, scholarship on teaching and learning, development of educational materials, engagement with educational  organizations and partners). Note: all supporting documents such as letters of support must be integrated into one document (maximum 50 pages) and sent electronically as a single file.
  3. Nominee’s current CV
  4. A statement of teaching philosophy prepared by the nominee (2-3 pages). The statement should speak to the criteria listed above and should highlight specific contributions, reflect the candidate’s teaching interests, strategies, and innovative practices. Nominees may wish to review the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation’s tip sheet on preparing a teaching philosophy statement.

Completed nomination packages must be submitted electronically to oise.programs@utoronto.ca by Friday, January 24, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Maximum number of files per submission (one e-mail message) is four:

  1. Nomination form including a rationale for the nomination
  2. Evidence of excellence in teaching (integrated into one document, maximum 50 pages)
  3. Nominee’s current CV
  4. Statement of teaching philosophy

All nominations will be reviewed, and the winners selected by the Teaching Awards Selection Committee (TBA), which will be chaired by Prof. Normand Labrie, Associate Dean, Programs. Note: a new committee will be established each year to ensure broad representation. Winners will be honoured at the awards ceremony in March 2020.

Teaching Awards Selection Committee Composition

  • Associate Dean, Programs, Chair of the Committee
  • One representative from the OISE Graduate Students
  • One faculty representative from the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development
  • One faculty representative from the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
  • One faculty representative from the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
  • One faculty representative from the Department of Social Justice Education
  • Director, Office of the Dean (ex-officio)

Note:  Members of the Awards Selection Committee cannot submit or endorse any nominations, nor can they be nominated for any of the teaching awards.