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Dr. Claire Alleyne Staff Excellence Awards


The Dr. Claire Alleyne Staff Excellence Award was established in 2007-2008, in recognition of Dr. Alleyne's retirement after more than 35 years of exemplary service at OISE, as well as her enormous dedication to and respect for administrative staff.

Claire Alleyne began her career at the University of Toronto more than 35 years ago. She was Registrar at FEUT from 1988 to 1996 and Registrar at OISE from 1996 until 2009. Throughout her career, Claire modelled a strong commitment to excellence and innovation in serving the needs of students and faculty. This was recognized in 1994 when she was awarded the Chancellor's Award of Excellence at the University of Toronto.

Claire has always believed that administrative staff play a key role in the work of the university and should be recognized for their enormous contributions to our community. For this reason she was an early advocate for the establishment of the OISE Staff Excellence Award.  

Award Criteria

The Dr. Claire Alleyne Staff Excellence Award celebrates the contributions of a staff member who has continually demonstrated a deep commitment to excellence and outstanding service, and whose actions have created a positive and lasting impact on their department/unit, colleagues, faculty, students and alumni, and have contributed to furthering OISE's mission. This award is given to a staff member who has been at OISE for a minimum of 3 years.

Past Winners

''   2017: Sezen Atacan, Graduate Liaison Officer in the Department of Social Justice Education

Sezen offers steady, caring support for students, faculty and her fellow staff members and has displayed notable leadership and creativity in her work. Displaying a unique combination of professionalism and affection, Sezen is attentive to the individual needs of students and colleagues. She’s a great listener and exceptional problem solver who always offers solutions and shares her views and ideas. She demonstrates warmth, flexibility and patience, and always extends herself to anyone who needs help.
''   2015/16: Sim Kapoor, Associate Director for Alumni & External Relations

Sim's dedication to outstanding service for OISE alumni has resulted in a swell of activities, including: energized Spring Reunions, numerous events, alumni networks and chapters around the world, and an increase of actively engaged alumni. Her nomination was supported by numerous letters of support from OISE faculty, alumni and staff, as well as senior administrative colleagues from the Provost’s Office. Her exceptional work shows that OISE meets community needs by framing educational challenges in culturally responsive, ethical and timely ways.
''   2015/16: Michelle Pon, Graduate Liaison Officer, Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning

In demonstrating both leadership and innovation during a challenging transition period for the Institute, Michelle’s ‘above and beyond’ service and self-motivated commitment truly embodies the hallmark of staff excellence. Michelle takes a leading role in OISE-wide meetings, assists her colleagues whenever needed, and advocates for graduate liaison officers. Her collaborative attitude towards work and people truly marks the essence of an excellent staffer in a learning organization.
''   2013: Ian MacLeod

Ian MacLeod leads the Initial Teacher Education admissions unit demonstrating an unwavering commitment to teacher education. Ian’s knowledge and expertise in education regulatory policy, the teaching profession and international education systems make him a valuable resource at OISE and beyond. On learning of his honour, he exclaimed, “I was delighted and surprised to get an award named after Claire Alleyne, who is my role model and mentor, and to be recognized by my peers is humbling, especially considering that anything I might take credit for having contributed is only possible because I have this super team of service-oriented people.”
''   2012: Danny Cavanagh, Graduate Studies Program Assistant, Department of Curriculum Teaching & Learning

"OISE is a hub for students who are diverse and intriguing and hail from around the globe," he says. "All are welcome here, especially the disenfranchised and it's a magnet for people who are trying to save the world. I consider them quite noble through their interest in helping others through education and social justice."
''   2011: Amy Lobo, Co-Curricular Programming and Teacher Employment Centre Coordinator

Amy is a beloved mentor, community organizer and leader. "All of her work is truly centred on providing the best possible experiences and opportunities for every student in our program. She is wonderful model and mentor for our future teachers and for us."
''   2010: Margaret Brennan, Graduate Studies Financial Awards Officer

Margaret was unanimously selected by the awards committee for her exemplary service, dedication to students, collegiality with staff and faculty colleagues, and the substantial and lasting contributions she has made to the quality of student life at OISE.
''   2009: Susan Hall, Graduate Program Coordinator, Department of Adult Education and Counselling Psychology

"OISE and the University of Toronto is an amazing place to be employed. My inspiration at OISE has come from the fabulous people I have been so privileged to work with over my 30 years of employment here. To receive this prestigious award is a great honour and gives me a tremendous feeling of accomplishment."
''   2008: Kristine Pearson, Liaison Officer, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education

Kristine Pearson is the inaugural recipient of this prestigious award for outstanding contributions to her department and to the Institute.