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Innovation Award

Award Criteria

Established in 2012-2013, the Innovation Award recognizes staff, individually or as a team, who have developed and implemented a creative solution that increases the productivity of work, and enhances the value added to research, teaching and the administrative process at OISE. For example, improvement or increase in efficiency, productivity, cost savings, environmental or health and well-being initiatives, enhancement of the culture and climate of the Institute will be considered. Special consideration will be given to collaborative projects that span across the various departments/units.

Past Winners

''   2017: Michael Moncada, Senior Solutions Developer, Education Commons

With a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise, Michael consistently demonstrates a commitment to delivering timely solutions that improve institutional business processes and contribute greatly to increased productivity in our administrators, faculty and staff. The first developer who built a proper mobile application at U of T, he brings innovative solutions and a positive attitude to every project. When presented with an idea or a project, his response is never “we cannot do that” but rather “how can we make this happen?”
''   2015/16: Teresa Lau, CRM Data Administrator in the Office of the Registrar and Student Services

As a programmer in the background, Teresa is often the ‘unsung hero’, yet daily she troubleshoots and problem-solves complex problems making the solutions seem so simple in the end. For 19 years, Teresa Lau has ensured that OISE has the tools and resources to serve our students and faculty. Her innovations are daily; she improves our individual abilities and our team’s capacities every day, helping us to get better and work smarter.
''   2013: Morgan Selvanathan

Morgan's colleagues in the Concurrent Teacher Education Program realized what a treasure they had acquired when he came to work as program administrator three years ago. His expertise in technology has allowed him to comprehend and devise creative solutions that resulted in the improvement of business processes. Morgan, who trained in systems thinking in database technology and knowledge management at Ryerson University, says “I am extremely honoured to have been nominated for this award. It would not have been possible without the support I received from the people who nominated me, as well as the trust they showed in my ability to do the job.”
''   2012 Winner: Eileen Thomas, Managing Editor, Communications and Media Relations

With strong support across the community, Eileen was nominated for developing strategies and tools to effectively promote OISE’s academic and strategic objectives using social media, and for her unique approach to portraying OISE to the public. “Through her innovative work, Eileen has shown a dedication to the community that is stellar and is appreciated by community members,” says Kristine Pearson, Student Liaison Officer.