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Leadership Award


Award Criteria

Established in 2012-2013, the Leadership Award celebrates the achievements of a staff member who has continually demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities such as promoting community building; encouraging a high level of commitment from others when taking on new initiatives; motivating the team to achieve outstanding results; actively sharing responsibilities and authority, information and credit when working towards the achievement of a goal; and setting and maintaining high professional standards.  This award is given to a staff member who has been at OISE for a minimum of 2 years.

Past Winners

''   2017: Lara Cartmale, Director, Research & International Initiatives

Lara’s nominators say her ability to take on different roles to serve OISE’s changing needs coupled with her willingness to tackle difficult challenges is exceptional. She demonstrates leadership and achieves positive outcomes for OISE by motivating and mentoring staff but also many other colleagues across OISE. Winner of several staff excellence awards including “U of T Stepping Up”, and “Excellence through Innovation Award,” Lara embodies the essence of staff leadership.
''   2017: Kim Holman, Associate Registrar, Admissions, Enrolment Management & Awards

During her 19 years of service at OISE, Kim has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities. She motivates and leads her team towards meeting enrolment targets, supports departmental and program representatives with the admissions process, and ensures effective communication with applicants and admitted students. Kim leads by sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise with others while setting high professional standards. A strong advocate for her staff, Kim is a team player extraordinaire and her door is always open. She gives credit where credit is due and allows others to shine when they accomplish a goal. The pride she has in her staff is unquestionable.
''   2015/16: Biljana Cuckovic, Assistant to the Dean, Policy and Planning

Biljana's nomination was supported by numerous internal and external community members from across the spectrum. Biljana has played a pivotal role in designing and implementing various institutional planning and policy initiatives. Her ardent efforts in guiding the OISE Self-Study made the process seamless for OISE members. She has also been instrumental in renewing the enthusiasm of OISE Council by encouraging faculty, staff and students to be more involved in the Council and its committees.
''   2013: Bill Rankovic, Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar

For Bill the key words in the Leadership Award description are ‘motivation’ and ‘inspiration.’ “Motivating people who are incredibly motivated to begin with is fun, and as for the inspiration; that was me being inspired by the striving for excellence that is always floating around in the OISE ether,” says Bill. “My recent stint as Acting Registrar showed me a different world, different people and yet they were still the same: excellent folks everywhere I look are working for a better OISE, supporting our students and the broader OISE community as a whole.”
''   2012: Bessie Giannikos, Departmental Finance Administrator in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

A staffer at U of T since 2000 and a member of CTL for more than a decade, Bessie has worn a number of hats since arriving. She left the university's financial services department for OISE when she felt the need for a new challenge – and she certainly found it here she states. “Bessie has become an increasingly positive influence in the Department connecting staff and faculty, and enhancing the dynamic of the Department through open dialogue between faculty and staff leaving everyone with a greater appreciation for each other’s roles,” says Christine Lowe, Finance Assistant.