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Honouring OISE’s Inspiring Educators: 2012-13 Teaching Award recipients announced



by Eileen Thomas


The OISE community celebrates four outstanding teachers named to OISE’s highest teaching honours – the 2012-13 OISE Teaching Excellence Awards. The recipients include: John PortelliDavid E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching; Jill GoodreauAward for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education; Rob Simon – Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; and Michael MorosinAward for Excellence in Continuing Education.

“These awards acknowledge our commitment to excellence in teaching by recognizing faculty members who excel in providing an unparalleled experience to OISE students through their dedication to student learning and development,” said Jeanne Watson, Associate Dean, Programs. "The OISE community will have an opportunity to congratulate their colleagues in person at Honouring OISE’s Inspiring Educators, a special event honouring the accomplishments of OISE’s outstanding teachers on April 3," she added.

Rob SimonRob Simon is Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. As a graduate instructor, supervisor, and teacher educator at OISE for three years, Rob has worked to support graduate students, teacher candidates and new teachers to gain deeper awareness of the richness of the diverse cultures, languages and literacy practices students encounter in their classrooms and work, and enriched teaching and learning environments in his department as well as schools in Toronto.



John PortelliJohn Portelli is Professor in the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Justice Education (HSSSJE). In his years teaching and supervising OISE students he has made many significant contributions to OISE teaching, supervision, and scholarship. John’s ability to relate to students and colleagues and his commitment to critical dialogue has had a profound, lasting impact on OISE’s community of scholars and has earned him universal respect from graduate students, faculty, alumni and staff.


Jill Goodreau is an instructor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL) who shows her students how to be successful educational leaders as well as caring guardians. She stands out for encouraging students to understand their own biases, examine learning from social justice perspectives, and for practicing inclusive education. Jill is a special teacher who truly and consistently demonstrates the best of OISE to students.

Michael Morosin is an Additional Qualifications Instructor in Continuing and Professional Learning, and a Guidance Counsellor in the Peel District School Board. His students say that he is open and inviting and encourages them to grow both professionally and personally. His approach to his classes as a teacher, guidance counsellor and vice-principal provides his students with valuable insights and diverse perspectives about their own roles as guidance counsellors.

“I am very grateful to our Teaching Excellence Award recipients, whose passion, leadership and outstanding contributions to teaching and learning at OISE and the University of Toronto are very much appreciated,” said Dean Julia O’Sullivan.

Also being celebrated this year are the accomplishments of eight faculty colleagues who have been promoted/awarded tenure. Kathy Bickmore (CTL), Shelley Stagg Peterson (CTL), Stephen Anderson (LHAE), Karen Mundy (LHAE), Michel Ferrari (APHD) and Janette Pelletier (APHD) have been promoted to full professors effective July 1, 2012. Indigo Esmonde (CTL), Diane Farmer (HSSSJE) and Roland Sintos Coloma (HSSSJE) received tenure and have been promoted to Associate Professor effective July 1, 2012.

“The University has established a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process to award tenure and promotion to associate professor, promotion to full professor, or promotion to senior lecturer status,” said Dean Julia O’Sullivan. “This is a wonderful accomplishment for each of them, and a highly significant milestone in their academic careers,” she added.

A new addition to the program this year is a book launch celebrating more than 33 OISE researchers whose books and chapters were published  in the past 15 months, in 2012 and 2013. The book launch will be hosted by the office of the Associate Dean, Research, and will give and staff an opportunity to browse a display of over 32 recent books and eight book chapters covering a diverse array of topics.

"The wide range and large number of books published by our faculty is something to celebrate. This is just one demonstration of the fact that OISE is Canada's brain trust for education and one of the most research-intensive faculties of education in the world,” said Associate Dean, Research Karen Mundy.