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OISE Teaching Excellence Awards recognize outstanding faculty and instructors 

March 29, 2018



Congratulations to OISE's 2018 Teaching Excellence Award recipients, including Professor Kathleen Gallagher, Professor Mary Reid, Professor Lauren Bialystok and Kristi Ivan. The award recognizes their outstanding contributions in teaching and learning which further OISE's success as a leader in education. 

The Teaching Excellence Awards honour faculty and instructors in four categories: graduate education, contributions to teaching, teacher education, and continuing and professional learning. 

"Teaching is a core mission of OISE, and it is extremely important for the community to recognize excellence in this central area of work," said Dean Glen Jones. "We are extremely pleased to see their hard work recognized in this important way."

The teaching award winners were honoured together with staff award winners at a special reception on March 28. 

Learn about the teaching award recipients below. 

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The David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Education

''Kathleen Gallagher, Professor, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning is this year's recipient of the David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Education. 

Nominated by her entire Qualitative Methodology class, the award holds special meaning for Prof. Gallagher. "To so many of us at OISE, teaching is central to who we are and how we move in the world," she explains.  

"I realize it is a special honour to receive such an award at a place that places such value on teaching, where there are simply so many fine teachers." 

Prof. Gallagher's expertise and excellence are reflected both in her innovative contributions to research in education, and her proud impact as a teacher within the classroom. She takes the time to know each student, creating a positive and empathetic learning space for her students. 


Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education

''Mary Reid, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning has won the Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education. 

As a teacher educator, Prof. Reid is nothing short of extraordinary. For over a decade, she has been an inspiration and made tremendous impact on her teacher candidates and colleagues at OISE. Prof. Reid is provincially recognized for her math teaching, policy expertise and research writing on closing achievement gaps. 

"Teaching prospective teachers is the centerpiece of my work. I believe there is no other profession that directly impacts students’ lives more than teaching," says Prof. Reid, who is known for bringing theory and practice to life in her math classrooms. 

"I am deeply honoured to be recognized for this teaching award and I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the amazing teachers in my life who have been my inspiration."


Award for Distinguished Contribution in Teaching 

''Lauren Bialystok, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Justice Education has won the Award for Distinguished Contribution in Teaching. 

A seasoned and talented educator, Prof. Bialystok lives, breathes and acts out what she teaches in the classroom, creating a truly engaging experience for her students. 

Prof. Bialystok says it is doubly thrilling to receive the award from OISE. "Teaching is a humbling experience in almost every circumstance, but all the more so when the students are teachers and educational scholars in their own right," she says. 

"My students at OISE have given me energy and inspiration to grow as a scholar. It is a privilege to teach and learn from them."

Prof. Bialystok is a knowledgeable and approachable faculty member who goes beyond her faculty duties to support her students' wellbeing and professional growth. 


Award for Excellence in Continuing & Professional Learning

''Kristi Ivan, Facilitator, Continuing and Professional Learning has won the Award for Excellence in Continuing & Professional Learning.

Kristi has been teaching with Continuing and Professional Learning at OISE since 2014. She has built an excellent reputation among colleagues and learners as a knowledgeable, dynamic and supportive educator. 

Students characterize her as an exceptional teacher who models not only best practices but innovative ways of thinking and doing. 

"I am deeply humbled and honoured to receive this award, especially given the exceptional faculty and leadership at OISE, and the long history of teaching excellence that this institution represents," says Kristi.

"It’s an absolute delight to teach and learn within a community of professionals so committed to improving and advancing our teaching and learning practices in this evolving digital age." 


Dean Glen Jones thanks the 2017-2018 Teaching Awards Selection Committee: Greg Boudreau, Emily Boyer, Julie Kerekes, Charles Pascal, Jesse Sims, Coleen Stewart, Evelyn Wilson, Wales Wong, Terezia Zoric, and to Doug McDougall, Associate Dean, Programs for chairing the selection process.