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Help us change the lives of teachers like Krystal Morgan

Krystal Morgan grew up not seeing teachers that looked like her. Today, she’s about to change that for the next generation of Black students.

An aspiring primary school teacher, Morgan is a recent graduate of OISE’s two-year Master of Arts in Child Study in Education program. But the decision to come to OISE wasn’t an easy one to make. A mother of four boys, Morgan worried about how she would provide for her family while juggling school.

“One can only imagine the many stressors that comes with being a mother of four, but also being a mother and a full-time student.”

It was thanks to a generous donation from the George and Helen Vari Foundation that Morgan was able to chase her dreams. She immersed herself in her studies and and achieved straight As – all while remaining an active and engaged parent.

Now that she’s graduated, she is excited for the next step: to make an impact.

Morgan is passionate about working with students, children and families who are marginalized and face multiple barriers because she’s been there. “My dream is to become a teacher at an inner-city school where I can show students that no matter where you come from or what you look like, you can succeed with hard work, dedication and passion.”

It takes teachers like Krystal Morgan to connect children with opportunities to learn and grow, to teach them to think critically and to empower them to reach their full potential.

More importantly, it takes donors like to you to create more teachers like Krystal.

Your donation to the OISE Graduate Teacher Education Fund will help us support talented students with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives who can serve as role models in the classroom.

With your support, we can ensure that the best and brightest students, no matter their background, have access to a world class education.


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Watch: Krystal Morgan discusses how the George and Helen Vari Foundation changed her life.