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OISE Teaching Excellence Awards recognize outstanding contributions in teaching and learning

March 28, 2019

Award winner Eunice Jang (second from right) celebrating with her students.

Congratulations to OISE's 2019 Teaching Excellence Award recipients: Eunice Jang, Brenda Stein Dzaldov, Tanya Titchkosky, and Josie Di Vincenzo. The award recognizes their outstanding contributions in teaching and learning which further OISE's success as a leader in education. 

The Teaching Excellence Awards honour faculty and instructors in four categories: graduate education, contributions to teaching, teacher education, and continuing and professional learning. 

"Teaching is a core mission of OISE, and it is extremely important for the community to acknowledge excellence in this central area of work," said Dean Glen Jones. "We are extremely pleased to recognize the hard work and dedication of our faculty and instructors with these awards."

The teaching award winners were honoured together with staff award winners at a special reception on March 27. 

Learn about the teaching award recipients below. 

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The David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Education

The David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Education recognises faculty members who foster an enriching teaching and learning experience and impact on graduate students, and demonstrate excellence in teaching and supervision at the graduate level.

Eunice Jang, Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development is this year's recipient of the David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Education. 

Eunice’s nomination was broadly supported by departmental colleagues, current students and alumni. Her classroom instruction is characterized by innovative teaching methods, mastery of complex content, and extraordinary support for student learning and development.

Her assignments and lectures intertwine theoretical concepts with real life research problems, expanding students’ knowledge and enriching their learning experience. Eunice truly embraces the principle of inclusive teaching and learning, creating and nurturing an environment where diverse learning needs are met.

In addition to being a superlative classroom teacher, Eunice is also an exceptional supervisor and mentor to doctoral and master’s students. Her direct and actionable feedback promotes students’ self-confidence, and her commitment to individualized support helps students to become independent, innovative and critical researchers.

Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education

The Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education recognizes faculty and instructors who demonstrate outstanding contributions to teaching and learning in teacher education programs at OISE.

Brenda Stein Dzaldov, Sessional Lecturer, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning is the recipient of this year’s award. 

An excellent teacher educator, Brenda has been an inspiration and has made a tremendous impact on her teacher candidates in the Master of Teaching program. She demonstrates a high level of competence and innovation in course design, for example, by carefully selecting course readings in her Special Education course to link research and pedagogical theory with real-life, actionable classroom strategies.

As a classroom teacher, Brenda seamlessly incorporates technology into her classes in ways that enhance student learning and provide additional resources. She brings theory and practice to life, engages teacher candidates in rich discussions, and models effective instructional practices throughout her course.

She also brings a great sense of humour and a tremendous warmth into the class, and keeps teacher candidates consistently engaged with funny anecdotes and heartfelt stories from the field. Her expertise combined with her kind, pragmatic approach to teaching is truly inspiring.

Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching 

The Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching recognizes OISE faculty who have continually demonstrated a deep commitment to excellence in teaching, and have made outstanding contributions to teaching at OISE.

Tanya Titchkosky, Professor, Department of Social Justice Education is this year’s recipient of the Award for Distinguished Contribution in Teaching. 

Tanya is a leading scholar in disability studies and is currently the only professor teaching disability studies at the graduate level, bringing deep scholarly knowledge to her teaching, supervision and mentorship of students.

Profoundly committed to accessibility and accommodation, Tanya creates an inclusive classroom and makes every student feel as though they are her main priority. She makes all of her course materials accessible in multiple formats and often invites volunteers to her class to act as note takers with notes posted online for all students to access.

As a supervisor and mentor to graduate students, Tanya works with students by organizing research and study groups, trips to conferences, and scholarly talks. She always encourages students to submit their work for publication and works to include students in her research endeavors. Deeply passionate, caring and inclusive, Tanya brings outstanding personal values and strength into her role as a professor demonstrating a sense of genuine kindness in everything she does.

Award for Excellence in Continuing and Professional Learning

The Award for Excellence in Continuing and Professional Learning recognizes additional qualifications instructors and facilitators for outstanding contributions to teaching and learning in continuing education at OISE.

Josie Di Vincenzo, Course Facilitator, Continuing and Professional Learning is this year’s recipient of the Award for Excellence in Continuing and Professional Learning.

Josie has been teaching with OISE-CPL since 2012, and has an excellent reputation as a knowledgeable, dynamic and supportive educator both among her facilitator colleagues and continuing education learners.

She has over 20 years of experience in needs assessment, course design, delivery and evaluation, as well as in consultation, mentoring and coaching in collaboration with governmental agencies, private industries, not-for-profit organizations and volunteer groups.

Her approach is anchored in sound theory, with a focus on designing experiential learning, engaging learners in critical thinking, preparing them for transformative learning, and developing authentic aspiring practitioners in adult and continuing education.

Josie is recognized by learners and peers as incredibly kind and thoughtful, and is known for her innovative instructional practices, detailed and constructive feedback on learners’ work and for coaching them through their learning journeys. 

Dean Glen Jones thanks the 2018-2019 Teaching Awards Selection Committee: Nina Bascia, Suleyman Demi, Steve Katz, Jesse Sims, Harold Troper, Terezia Zoric, and to Doug McDougall, Associate Dean, Programs for chairing the selection process.