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Webcast: Entrepreneurial Thinking for Everyone

Learn to apply entrepreneurial thinking to get what you want in life


OISE Alumni & Friends Leadership Series


No matter who we are or what career path we’re on, successful entrepreneurs have a lot to teach all of us about personal achievement and success.

In this lively, recorded session you’ll learn to apply entrepreneurial thinking to get what you want in life – whether that’s building a business, advancing your career, or simply being happier.

  • What successful entrepreneurs do differently
  • How to unleash your inner entrepreneur
  • How to cultivate and apply key entrepreneurial traits to your personal and professional life to take charge, achieve, and contribute more

Evaluate your entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses and uncover how consciously applying entrepreneurial thinking can support you in achieving all of your professional, business, and personal goals.

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Serial entrepreneur, coach, and facilitator, Sandra Kahale brings people together to connect and grow. A self-proclaimed entrepreneurial enthusiast, Sandra Kahale, is on a mission is to spread entrepreneurial thinking everywhere — from small businesses to inside major institutions.

She works with business owners and entrepreneurs to bring fresh thinking, new perspectives, and inspiring insights to problem solving, strategic planning, and high performance. And she's passionate about sharing the lessons entrepreneurs can teach us about success, performance, and happiness. Her practical, actionable workshops are engaging and fun-filled.

Find out more about Sandra and some of her work at

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