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Father's Day: OISE prof praises film for challenging stereotypes of Black fathers 

Film presented in part by Toronto's Black Daddies Club, an organization OISE’s Lance McCready supports with research to better meet the needs of Black men and boys

Black Men Loving film details

This Father’s Day, the documentary, ‘Black Men Loving’, will debut in Toronto – challenging racial assumptions and stereotypes often associated with Black fathers.

Featuring men from Regent Park and across Toronto, the film aims to shed new light on Black fathers as they take on parenthood.

The film is important, says OISE professor Lance McCready, since it portrays a story often untold in mainstream media, in attempt to “shift the conversation”.

“The title, ‘Black Men Loving’, refers to Black men's acts of personal attachment, caring, and deep affection towards their children, partners, friends and family,” he explains. “It challenges negative stereotypes of Black men only being able to express love in the context of sport, brotherhood and heterosexuality.”

Challenges image of 'absent Black father'

The film is presented in part by the Black Daddies Club (BDC) – an organization which draws on McCready’s research, and which is part of an overall movement to change the image of the “absent Black father”. 

McCready’s OISE research and teaching focuses on the education, health and well-being of Black men in and out of school.

He investigates the ways social determinants like racism, migration, access to formal schooling, gender-based violence, housing and employment affect learning, engagement and mental health.

“I use the knowledge gained from this research to build the capacity of organizations that serve Black communities, create and curate culturally-relevant curriculum and content, and tailor programs and services to better meet the needs of Black men and boys,” he explained.

OISE's Lance McCready
OISE professor Lance McCready

OISE research can ‘strengthen Black communities’

He says the research and advocacy work of OISE faculty and graduate students provide much needed scholarly knowledge about the experiences of Black fathers in Canada.

“It’s important because this can be mobilized in policy and practice to strengthen Black communities and the organizations that serve them. Hopefully the video serves as a piece of evidence of the need for targeted programs for Black families,” he said.

It’s hoped that viewers will come away from the film with a better understanding of the range of issues Black fathers are facing and their insight, humor and resilience in the face of adversity.

Black Men Loving, presented by Black Daddies Club and the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, will debut on Friday, June 17, in advance of Father’s Day.

It will be followed by an open-mic discussion on the film with director Ella Cooper and Brandon Hay (founder of Black Daddies Club).

For film screening details, please visit the Black Daddies Club (BDC)