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14 OISE graduate students engage in educational dialogue and studies overseas


July 27, 2011

by Eileen Thomas


John Portelli and OISE graduate students in Verona, Italy, summer 2011The first two weeks of July saw fourteen OISE graduate students from the Educational Administration, History and Philosophy of Education, Sociology and Equity Studies, Curriculum, Adult Education, and the Comparative, International and Development Education Centre programs engaged with researchers at the University of Verona in Italy on issues of intercultural education and democracy.

While there, the students participated in an OISE course, Intercultural Competences and Critical Democracy in Education: Issues of Globalization and Neoliberalism at the University of Verona, co-taught by professor John P. Portelli of OISE, and professor Agostino Portera, Director of the Centre for Intercultural Studies at the University of Verona.

OISE students experienced 36 hours of teaching at the university, visited language schools for new immigrants in Verona, and listened to researchers from the Centre for Interculturalism who conducted research on several aspects of interculturalism and education. In the course, students explored  the different conceptions of interculturalism and democracy, as well as the relationship between the two within the context of globalization and neoliberalism. The OISE students also got an opportunity to discuss their research with doctoral students from the University of Verona.

Professor Portelli developed and led the project, which arose from an invitation he accepted as Visiting Scholar at the University of Verona. Last summer, Professor Portera also taught a course at OISE.

OISE and the University of Verona recently signed a letter of agreement which allows for future cooperation between the two institutions.  In the future, doctoral students from the University of Verona will be spending a term at OISE doing research in relation to their doctoral theses.

In the picture: Professor Mario Longo, dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Verona, with professors Portelli and Portera, the OISE students, and two doctoral students from Verona. CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO SEE LARGER VERSION