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Celebrating great teaching at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

April 25, 2012

by Eileen Thomas

The OISE community celebrates four outstanding colleagues who have been named recipients of 2011-2012 OISE Teaching Excellence Awards: Steven Katz Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education; Joan Moss Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; Niva Piran David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching; and Marion Roy Award for Excellence in Continuing Education.

“These awards acknowledge our commitment to high quality teaching by recognizing faculty members who excel in providing an unparalleled experience to OISE students through their dedication to student learning and development. Their passion, leadership, and outstanding contributions to teaching and learning at OISE and the University of Toronto are very much appreciated,” said Njoki Wane, director of OISE's Office of Teaching Support (OTSO). "The OISE community will have an opportunity to congratulate their colleagues in person at Honouring OISE’s Inspiring Educators, a special event designed to honour the accomplishments of OISE’s outstanding teachers on April 30,"  she added.

Also being celebrated this year, are the achievements and contributions to teaching and learning of several faculty colleagues who have been promoted/awarded tenure: Michele Peterson-Badali (HDAP) and Njoki Wane (SESE) were promoted to full professors effective July 1, 2011. Creso Sa (TPS), Jean-Paul Restoule (AECP), Julie Kerekes (CTL), Lance McCready (CTL), and Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández received tenure and were promoted to Associate Professor effective July 1, 2011. David Montemurro (CTL) was promoted to Senior Lecturer, effective July 1, 2012.

Acknowledging the significance of these colleagues’ achievements, Dean Julia O’Sullivan remarked, “The University has established a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process to award tenure and promotion to associate professor, promotion to full professor, or promotion to senior lecturer status. This is a wonderful accomplishment for each of them, and a highly significant milestone in their academic careers.”

A new addition to the program this year is a panel discussion, Teaching As If It Matters. The panel will be moderated by Njoki Wane, OTSO director, and Herveen Singh, OTSO's assistant director, and  features 2010-2011 OISE Teaching Excellence Award recipients Usha James Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education, Bonnie Burstow David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, and Carolyn Wilson Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching sharing their thoughts on issues in teaching and learning in higher education.

Coming soon: Individual profiles of teaching awards recipients and promoted/tenured faculty in the OISE News.