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International Open Access Week: Redefining Impact


Stian HaklevU of T Libraries’ three-day series of tri-campus Open Access (OA) Week talks kicks off October 21 with a live webcast live from the World Bank, Redefining Impact, a discussion on article level metrics (ALMs) and changing the way scholarly communication is measured. 

Now in its sixth year, Open Access Week is a week-long world-wide celebration acknowledging the importance of knowledge mobilization, community-building and equitable access to technology for and between academia and the general public.

This year, as part of U of T’s activities, OISE scholar and PhD candidate Stían Haklev will give two presentations at the University of Toronto – Mississauga (UTM) October 22 and 23 on What it Means to be an Open Scholar, and his experiences using open access journals and other resources. In his presentation he shares his knowledge of other researchers who are using social media and other tools to network and disseminate their work in open network environments.

OISE students are at the forefront of engaging in OA activities, and the list of their accomplishments keeps growing. For example, in 2013, the Graduate Students’ Association started a journal, Critical Intersections in Education, a student-run, open access, peer reviewed journal that is hosted on the Open Journal platform. OISE’s Indigenous students launched Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society, an online journal focusing on the resurgence of Indigenous communities, epistemologies and knowledge in 2012.  In 2013, the most heavily used  OISE thesis was Ghanaian Indigenous Health Practices: The Use of Herbs, 2009 by Isaac Nortey Darko of Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Justice Education. The thesis was viewed 2,731 times in 2013, making it the most popular thesis in all of U of T, as happened in 2012.

Another event of note takes place at OISE on October 23, Alternative Metrics and Progress through the Ranks at U of T, a reexamination of the metrics used to reward and recognize scholarly work in a rapidly changing scholarly landscape, featuring U of T’s Edith Hillan, Vice-Provost, Faculty and Academic Life along with Heather Piwowar, Co-Founder of Impact Story, and Gunther Eysenback, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Medical Internet Research and Co-Founder of TrendMD.

“There is so much to share about OA that it is difficult to include it all,” said Michael Meth, Director of the OISE Library. “OISE faculty are actively participating in T-space and archiving their research. Most recently, Tara Goldstein has archived all her plays, and we are also working on papers for Jean-Paul Restoule, Clare Brett and Jim Hewitt,” he added.

OISE’s strong commitment to OA was formalized by its governing body, the OISE Council, in 2012, when it adopted an Open Access Policy Statement.