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Becoming a Teacher

A Unique Teacher Education Opportunity

OISE offers students the unique opportunity to become a teacher and complete a Master's degree at the same time. Complete our Master of Teaching or Master of Arts in Child Study and Education and become eligible for teacher certification in Ontario. With these degrees, you will join OISE graduates who are teachers, have leadership positions and advanced careers within and beyond the field of education.

Our Graduate Program Pathways

Our Master of Teaching and Master of Arts in Child Study and Education programs offer you the unique opportunity to earn both a graduate degree and to be eligible for teacher certification in Ontario. 

OISE students in class.

Master of Teaching 

The Master of Teaching program is designed for people who are looking to become exceptional teachers and leaders in education.


Teach with children in classroom.

Master of Arts in Child Study & Education

Become an exemplary teacher-leader through our unique child-centred graduate program.


Teacher Education at OISE

Teacher Education has been a central part of education at the University of Toronto since the implementation of the Degree of Pedagogy in 1894 and the establishment of the Faculty of Education in 1907. OISE in its current form dates from the 1996 merger of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) and the Faculty of Education of the University of Toronto (FEUT).

Our teacher education programs reflect not only OISE’s and the University’s institutional priorities and values, but also the Ontario College of Teachers’ regulatory Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession, 2008. Seven shared principles, informed by research on best practices in teacher education underpin our teacher education programs:

  • Teaching excellence
  • Equity, diversity and social justice
  • Research-informed
  • Cohort-based learning communities
  • School/field/university partnerships
  • Faculty collaboration
  • Coherence

Resources for Future Students

Why choose OISE?

1st in Canada, 10th in the world

OISE is widely recognized as one of the world's leading centres of graduate studies in education, consistently ranking among the world's best. With outstanding faculty and staff, intellectually challenging programs, and a wide range of support services, we're committed to ensuring the best academic experience for our students. 

Research excellence

As one of the world's most research-intensive institutes of education in the world, our students have access to the best research and innovation opportunities. 

World-class professors 

As the best and brightest in their field, our faculty work with schools, communities, the non-profit sector, and governments to improve educational practice and shape public policy all around the world.  

Diversity is our strength

Part of what makes OISE such a vibrant academic community is the rich diversity of its students. We actively support the success of our students, providing them with unique services and learning opportunities to fully develop their knowledge and skills. 

Student Life at OISE

Are you curious about life as an OISE student? Connect with our student ambassadors and experience OISE through their eyes. Our student ambassadors are current students who offer their authentic perspectives about being a graduate student at OISE. By sharing their insights and experiences, they give you a little preview of what may lie ahead for you at OISE.

Our ambassadors provide an interactive blog where you can learn about OISE from the unique student point-of-view. Their posts will cover topics such as student life in OISE; student, faculty and research profiles, academic and leisure events at OISE and the broader University of Toronto; and other interesting discoveries they make as an OISE student.

Meet Our Graduates

OISE graduate Upjeet Cambow     OISE graduate Caitlin Cheung

Upjeet Cambow, MA


Caitlin Cheung, MT

"The opportunity to spend mornings in an elementary school classroom, followed by rich discussions in our afternoon classes at OISE has been invaluable."


"Education has always been a passion of mine as well as research. The Master of Teaching program allowed me to combine both of my passions. At OISE, I have been able to build my educational pedagogy, learn new strategies to implement in the classroom and work on my own research study."

OISE graduate Susan He     OISE graduate Omar Khaled

Susan He, MT


Omar Khaled, MA

"I was drawn to OISE for the research opportunities and courses that distinguished the MT program from other teacher education programs. I also enjoyed how connected I felt to my professors, peers and wider OISE community during my time as a student."


"I loved the balance between research and practice, while having the time and space to reflect on my educational philosophy and practice. This cycle had a great impact on my development as an educator."



Information for International Students

OISE welcomes applications from international students.

If you would like to become a Canadian-certified teacher, you should explore what the University of Toronto has to offer. Our teacher education programs lead to a recommendation for teacher certification which is respected widely around the world.

Learn more about applying as an international student.

Application Information

Ready to apply? Head over to our Admissions page for step-by-step instructions and important information such as deadlines & closing dates.

Questions? Contact Us

We know that you have important questions and we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you have questions about OISE teacher education programs or applying, contact us at:

Email:  admissions@oise.utoronto.ca | Tel: 416-978-4300