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CTL PhD Candidate Recognized for Teaching Excellence


Beverly Caswell is the 2010 recipient of OISE’s Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education. Beverly is a Sessional Lecturer of mathematics in the Inner City Option and a PhD candidate in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning.

This award is presented each year in recognition of outstanding contributions to teaching and learning in the Initial Teacher Education program at OISE.

“Beverly Caswell has transformed the idea of teaching math from a panic-inducing prospect into one of my favourite subjects to explore with my students,” said Dayle Grant, teacher candidate in the Inner City Option.

Soteira Hortop, teacher candidate in the Inner City Option wrote, ”Bev is a nurturing, creative, and passionate educator who devotes endless energy to ensuring the success of her students.”
Inner City Option teacher candidate Mark Sinke said, “her innovative and equitable teaching methods and approaches have made me a better student teacher, and will be a part of my teaching practice for all of my career.”

In addition to the lasting impact she has made on teacher candidates, she has also been instrumental in helping to create and implement the Inner City Option, where she held the position of coordinator from 2006 to 2009 and has also served as past coordinator of OISE’s East Option.

Prior to her role as Lecturer in OISE’s Initial Teacher Education program, she taught junior grades at the Institute of Child Study’s Lab School. During her tenure at the Lab School, she designed, implemented and reported on innovative and effective educational programs for children in mathematics, language, arts, and the use of knowledge building technology to increase scientific literacy of children. She also supervised more than 20 second-year MA students in the Initial Teacher Education program and was involved in a number of research projects. Her current research explores issues of social justice through mathematics.

“The impact I hope to have on teacher candidates is to: create possibilities; inspire them with ideas; develop an understanding that hope is a commitment and that together we can actively create learning environments that will transform the lives of our students and make positive contributions to the profession,” said Beverly.

This award will be presented during the annual OISE Awards and Commendations Ceremony.