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Dale Willows

HDAP Professor Receives Graduate-Level Teaching Award

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to teaching and learning at the graduate level, Professor Dale Willows is the 2010 recipient of the David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching at OISE.

Dale is a full professor in the Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology and is a registered psychologist specializing in learning disabilities. She currently serves as Program Chair of Child Study and Education, Institute of Child Study.

“In totality, Dale embodies the ideal professor, teacher, supervisor, and mentor. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, caring and compassionate. She truly cares for my wellbeing, academically and otherwise, and demonstrates this through regularly checking in,” said PhD candidate Julie Forgie. “Furthermore, she is passionate about making a difference in the world - directly and indirectly - in providing teachers and children with the tools and opportunities needed to successfully achieve their goals.”

A renowned literacy expert, Dale was invited by President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush to attend The White House Assembly on Reading in 2001. Additionally, she has received numerous awards within Ontario and the U.S. for her contributions to literacy.

“Her energy, enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to teaching, learning and education have fueled my professional aspirations and guided my development,” said Blanca Heredia, PhD candidate.

PhD candidate Andrea Regina writes: “Dr. Dale Willows has perfected the art of teaching and learning at the graduate level. Her exemplary graduate teaching, thesis supervision, academic research and field development in schools are integrally woven to bring together the research to practice link that embodies all that she does.”

This award was created as a tribute to Professor David Hunt on the occasion of his retirement from OISE, to honor his 50 years in university teaching, and in recognition of his tremendous contributions to graduate teaching.

This award will be presented during the annual OISE Awards and Commendations Ceremony.