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 Continuing Education Teaching Award Announced

Daniel June 1, 2010

Daniel Marozzo is the 2010 recipient of the Award for Excellence in Continuing Education in recognition of outstanding contributions to teaching and learning in Continuing Education at OISE.

For the past five years, Daniel has instructed OISE’s Additional Qualification (AQ) programs associated with the computer sciences in addition to teaching at Brebeuf College School in Toronto.

In his teaching statement submitted with this award nomination, he indicates that a commitment to lifelong learning encourages him to continue to grow professionally. And, in particular, by teaching other colleagues, he also continues his own learning. Daniel wrote at length about assessing ‘as and for learning’, underscoring that effective and timely feedback is critical for students in his secondary school as well as those within his Additional Qualification programs.

Daniel’s numerous nominations from the teacher candidates in his summer 2009 course attest to the fact that Daniel ‘walks the talk’ as a powerful model of best teaching practice. As further evidence of this, he infused evidence-based models of linking teaching and assessing throughout a course he taught for the Ministry of Education.

A highlight for the AQ teacher candidates occurred last summer when two of Daniel’s secondary school students spoke at the AQ course. It was clear that Daniel’s teaching had made a huge impact on his secondary school students both academically and socially.

The nominators concluded their tribute by saying Daniel has “given us the skills, confidence and competence to take what we’ve learned to the classroom.”

This award was presented at OISE’s Awards and Commendations Ceremony in May.