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CERLL launches new name and website

October 22, 2010
by: Janice Spencer

A large crowd of students, professors and OISE staff gathered for the launch of the newly named Centre for Educational Research on Language Literacies, formerly known for the last forty years as the Modern Language Centre (MLC), and new website today.

The change in name of the Centre was decided upon to better reflect the focus of the activities and research conducted by CERLL faculty and students.

CERLL is pronounced like the name, Cyril. In French, it will be called Centre de Recherche Éducative en Langues et Littéracies (CRELL).

More on becoming CERLL

CERLL's new website

CERLL addresses a broad spectrum of theoretical and practical issues related to second, minority and majority language and literacy teaching and learning. Since the establishment of the MLC in 1968, the quality and range of the Centre's graduate studies programs, research and development projects, and dissemination services have brought it both national and international recognition. Their work focuses on curriculum, instruction, and policies for education in second, foreign, minority, and majority languages, particularly in reference to English and French in Canada but also other languages and settings - including studies of language learning, literacy, methodology and organization of classroom instruction, language education policies, student and program evaluation, teacher development, as well as issues related to bilingualism, multilingualism, and cultural diversity. 

The ceremonial "breaking of the champagne bottle" at the CERLL launch party. 
CERLL's professors, staff and Alister Cumming, the Centre's head (pictured in the back row)