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An APCOL iPad Survey App An Experiment in Digitizing Comm unity-Based Surveying
Author: Bari Samad
Year: [no date]
Short Description: Experimentation in using new digital community based survey methods. Specifically, surveys were conducted using an iPad App, custom designed by programmer Andrew Kohan for the 2013-14 APCOL survey project. Survey researchers wanted to see if a technological solution could reduce data input and data cleaning time that is necessary for analysis. An idea the project has come to endorse for its unique contributions to community -based research work within and beyond the APCOL project.
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Supported Social Enterprise: A Modified Social Welfare Organization.
Author: Chan, A. Ryan, S. Quarter, J.
Year: Forthcoming
Short Description: This paper presents a study of supported social enterprise, a market-based organization that either employs or trains members of marginalized social groups, often on disability pensions and social assistance.
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Personal wellbeing of participants of social purpose enterprises: The influence of social support
Author: Chan, A.
Year: Forthcoming
Short Description: This paper examines the effects of practical and emotional social support to changes in personal and vocational wellbeing of employees and training participants of social purpose enterprises
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Social support for improved work integration: Perspectives from Canadian social purpose enterprises
Author: Chan, A.N.W.
Year: 2015
Short Description: This paper aims to explore the ways in which social supports can promote enduring attachments to work and improve overall well-being of disadvantaged workers, within the context of social purpose enterprises.
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Microfinance in online space: A visual analysis of
Author: Gajjala, Venkataramana Gajjala, Radhika Birzescu, Anca Anarbaeva , Samara
Year: 2011
Short Description: Microfinance practices were originally developed in offline contexts. Modern microfinance practices were based on development models for the financial and social empowerment of the poorest of poor in developing countries. Several of these practices drew from existing traditions of money lending within local communities that were reformed to be in sync with rural development and the empowerment of the underprivileged individual. In present ‘postmodern’ times, microfinance providers are using online tools in the hopes of broadening the reach and extending the advantages provided by such a model of micro-lending and micro-borrowing. In this article, we examine an online peer-to-peer lending and borrowing website,, which uses online social networking tools in microfinance. The study is thus a close look at the actual content of the website with a view to understanding the representational practices of online space through Internet mediated microfinance.
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Green Community Entrepreneurship: Creative Destruction in the Social Economy
Author: Gliedt, Travis Paul Parker
Year: 2008
Short Description: Gliedt, T. & Parker, P. (2008). Green community entrepreneurship: Creative destruction in the social economy. International Journal of Social Economics 34 (8), 538-553.
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