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Office 365 (OneDrive) Integration 


Please consult the Quercus Help resource page for full details and instructions:



The Office 365 (OneDrive) integration is more complex than a native Canvas tool, but it can save a lot in terms of workflow compared to manually accomplishing the same thing or using other tools.
This is a "One Drive" integration, not the entire Office 365 suite of tools.  That was the main thing I had to wrap my head around to understand how someone might want to use this tool.
Think of it as a way to automatically apply sharing permissions of a OneDrive file to an entire class (or group/individuals in a class). 
For example, if an instructor has a file in OneDrive and wanted to share it with students, they'd have to manually add their names individually in OneDrive - this integration automates that.  It also helps instructors and students working exclusively in the cloud so you don't need to download locally and then upload files (for assignment submission, discussion posts) - just link directly in your personal OneDrive, rather than using Quercus as the cloud storage space.
Another example: Instructor has a worksheet for students to complete and submit.  A typical workflow would be to share a file in Quercus, students would each individually download the file, save to their local computer, edit, and then attach as their assignment submission.  The "Cloud Assignment" accomplishes all those steps, but in a different workflow that may be unfamiliar to both instructor and student, and may cause some confusion for those expecting/assuming the traditional workflow.
One of the best uses we found was with the "Collaborations" option.  This is great for group work and can replace what many might think of going to Google Docs for.  For a group project, one student will typically create a file and then give edit permissions to the other group members.  The Collaborations integration automates this workflow.  This is restricted to only Word, PowerPoint, Excel file types.  
One 'gotcha' we found when students are collaborating together, is that you can not use @tags in the comments area. (When the file is created using the integration, it flows though the canvas server and can not access our global address list.  Manually creating and sharing a file directly from one's OneDrive will allow @tags)



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