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Online and Distance Education at OISE

Blackboard Organizations

Blackboard can also host your online research and group collaboration needs.


A quick start guide for OISE staff and faculty - OISE Blackboard Organizations 2014 (docx)


What is this?

Blackboard is a place for OISE groups to connect online. It allows you to create a community 'website' for your group members or organization, making it easy for group members to connect, collaborate and chat online. Some features:

  • Document sharing (notes, agendas etc.)
  • Planning and administration (announcements, calendar)
  • Communication (mailing lists, discussion boards, real-time chat and virtual classroom)
  • Groups (communications and document sharing between members)
  • On-line Surveys
  • Links to other on-line resources

Examples of a Blackboard community group could be:

  • Staff members of a department
  • Students from an academic segment
  • Students groups of a social nature
  • Faculty, students and staff forming a committee


How can I access Blackboard Groups and Organizations?

Located under the Community tab in the Blackboard Portal.


Who do we support?

  • OISE faculty, staff and students
  • Non-UofT users: access possible through guest UTORid usernames


How do I request this service?

To set up an organization:

Submit a request to the OISE Client Care Portal at portal@oise.utoronto.ca

To access a Blackboard organization:

Log in to the Portal with your UTORid and password.


What is the cost for this service?

There is no cost.


How do I get support with this service?

  • Blackboard Communities Help - consult the Portal Info site - portalinfo.utoronto.ca/content/build-organization
  • Consultations: please contact the Client Care Portal at portal@oise.utoronto.ca
  • View a sample Organization:  "A Little Bird Told Me ..."
    • Login to the Portal with your UTORid and password. 
    • Click on the Community tab.
    • Type A Little Bird in the Organization Search box to your left and click Go! Search results will return the "A Little Bird Told Me..." Organization. 
    • Click the Enroll button to your right.
    • Secret access code is letmein
    • You should see a Receipt: Success - click OK and you will be enrolled