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Blackboard Starter Kit for OISE Faculty

2. Check your Course.


Check if your course shows up in Blackboard

This information is also available in printable format via PDF download:

download pdf              

To access Blackboard, login at: portal.utoronto.ca


Look for the "log-in to the portal" button:


After you login to Blackboard, any courses that you are teaching should show up in the "My Courses" section, under the heading "Courses you are teaching:".


Courses and instructors assignments should be automated.  Faculty do not need do request that a Blackboard course be created, it should be done automatically for you.  All automated processes are outlined in the Bb Timelines section.


If you do not see your course listed, verify the following with your Business Officer or ROSI Coordinator in your department:

  • My employment status is active.
    Check with the Business Officer or Human Resources Officer in your department or division that your employment status is active in HRIS. 
  • The course I am teaching has been created in ROSI
  • I have been assigned as an instructor to my course in ROSI
    Verify with the ROSI Coordinator or department or the Registrar in your division that your course has been created in ROSI and that you have been assigned or enrolled as an instructor to the course.  You will not see your course if you have not been assigned to it.

NOTE: Any updates or changes in ROSI will be reflected in Blackboard the next business day.





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