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Blackboard Starter Kit for OISE Faculty

8. Communicate with your Students


Communicating with your students

This information is also available in printable format via PDF download:

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How can I contact / email my students?

As an instructor of a course, you have a few different ways to contact/email your students.


1. Send a message to all students

If you use the Announcement tool, you can check off the box "Send Email to all users even those that choose not to receive Announcement notifications through email." when composing an Announcement.  The Announcement tool does not allow for file attachments.


2. Send an email message with a file attachment

If you wish to send an email with a file attachment, choose "Course Tools" in the control panel, and select "Send Email".   "All Users" will send to the entire class, whereas ""Single / Select Users" will give you a class list to choose from for individual messages.

3. Lookup the email address of a student.

If you want to send a regular email message using your current standard email client (Outlook, Entourage, etc.), you can look up the email address of a particular student in your class.  In the Control Panel, choose Course Tools -> UT Manage Groups.  Click the View/Download Selected Roster link.  Check off the box beside Email.  The Preview button will display the results on screen, whereas the Download button will save the information in an Excel spreadsheet file.





How can my students email each other?

Allow students to email other students in the class

You can make a link in your course menu so you and your students can quickly send email messages to other students in the class. 

- In the course menu (+ sign in the top left corner), select Course Link.
- Click Browse. In the Blackboard Tools section, look for the "Send Email" section and click on "Select Users".
- Check off ”Available to Users” and click Submit.






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