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Blackboard Starter Kit for OISE Faculty

9. Let your Students Contribute


Let your students contribute content and discussion to the course

This information is also available in printable format via PDF download and video tutorial:

download pdf              YouTube Video


Although the course is controlled by the instructor in Blackboard, this doesn't mean that students can not contribute and be active participants.  Blackboard give you a few interactive tools to allow your students to create content of their own and have a online dialog.  The easiest way to do this in Blackboard is through the "Discussion Board" tool.


The Discussion Board

The Discussion Board tool is probably the most common tool that allows students to interact with the course.  The Discussion Board is like a basic Bulletin Board System (BBS) which allow for topic "Threads" to be created and replied to or commented on.  A Discussion Board Thread in Blackboard may look something like this:

Bb Discussion Board sample


You need to create a "Forum", in the Discussion Board area before students have the ability to contribute.  Click on the Discussion Board link in your course menu and you will see a "Create Forum" button:

Create Forum

These "Forums" are not necessarily for a specific topic of discussion to take place, but think of them as folder areas to hold the discussion topics.  Only you as the instructor can create new Forums.  You must create at least one Forum before your students can contribute. 


Alternatives to the Blackboard Discussion Board

OISE has developed an alternative to the Blackboard Discussion Board called Connect to Create (C2C).  If the Blackboard features do not work for you, or you would like some advanced discussion features, look at adding C2C to your course.

Blackboard has other interactive tools like Blogs, Journals, Wiki pages and a live chat tool.  Please consult the PortalInfo site for more information on these interactive tools.




Bb1 Bb2

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