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Blackboard Starter Kit for OISE Faculty

Get up and running in the Blackboard environment.

Are you new to teaching at OISE, or can't remember how to setup your course?  No problem, we have created this "Starter Kit" to get you up and running in Blackboard.  Follow these simple steps to get started.

Blackboard is a completely flexible tool.  You can implement as much or as little of the suggestions listed here as you would like.  Every instructor is free to use Blackboard as they wish.  We have created the following suggestions as a guide to help to get the most out of Blackboard.  Here is a summary, click on the heading for more detailed information:


1. UTORid check

You need a valid UTORid (username & password) to access Blackboard. 


2. Check if your course shows up in Blackboard

After you login to Blackboard, any courses that you are teaching should show up in the "My Courses" section.


3. Blackboard Terminology

If you are unfamiliar, the Blackboard system allows an instructor to make a private website for your course that only you and your students can access.  Here is a brief explanation of some basic terminology you will find in the Blackboard system.


4. Edit your course menu

By default, Blackboard will create your course using the default template 'shell'.  At OISE, we suggest that you modify this shell to eliminate extra menu items that are not necessary.


5. Add your own files (content)

Learn how to upload your own files (like a course outline) into Blackboard for your students to have access.


6. View your class list, and lookup student information

View your class list and learn how to lookup your student's contact information.


7. Make your course available to students

By default, your course is hidden from students until you are ready.  All you have to do if flip the 'on' switch to make your course live.


8. Communicate with your students

Blackboard gives you options to email your class and create Announcements.


9. Allow you students to contribute content

Learn how to create areas within Blackboard to all your students to share their own materials and commenting on others.


10. Learn more about Blackboard, get more assistance

There are many different ways to learn about Blackboard, though self-paced online web training to personal 1-on-1 consultations with an OISE Education Commons Blackboard expert.





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   10. Further Assistance <-          Bb Starter Kit          -> 1. UTORid check