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Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard app available for your smartphone

Access the UofT Learning Portal with your Mobile Device - new Blackboard app!

Bb appNew for 2012 - the Blackboard Mobile Learn app enables students to receive course notifications and updates to course content from their mobile device. The app can be used with both wifi and cellular networks.

While Mobile Learn is not intended to replace the full browser-based interface to the Blackboard Learning Portal, the app does provide quick access to course Announcements, Grades, and contribute entries to Blogs, Discussion forums and Journals.  Available on: iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry (coming soon).  Just search for "Blackboard" on your local app store.


Best Practices - Blackboard Mobile Learn

View, Retrieve, Participate
The new Blackboard Mobile application is popular with members of the university community who want to stay connected with course activities while they are on the go. The app is not intended to substitute courses in the Learning Portal. In fact most of the functions in your course will be completed using your desktop or laptop computer.

Instructors and TA’s will find that the app provides a new channel for interaction with students, supporting a number of frequently used functions. Blackboard mobile features include basic communication and notifications for new course content postings.

Students have access to a range of resources such as viewing announcements, general course material and grades; and participate in discussion, blog and journal entries. 

Instructors can post announcements to the course using the app. Announcements posted using Mobile Learn will appear in the course immediately. In order for students to view posted announcements, the course must be set to Available. Note, announcements are posted in the course only; Mobile Learn does not include the option to send announcements as email messages.

View Files in Course Using Mobile Learn:
Course materials such as pdfs, word files and presentations should be added to Portal courses using a desktop or laptop computer. Note some media and file formats may not display on certain devices.
Communication and Content:
As an instructor you may find the application useful for posting announcements, adding new content or media, and moderating student activity. Your students will likewise be able to use Blackboard Mobile to access interactive course functions for example submitting new material by commenting on existing posts. It is also possible to post media assets (images, video) stored on a mobile device although file type support is dependent on the specific device used.

There are some constraints on appropriate use, for example the mobile application should not be used for completing assessments (e.g. tests, quizzes or assignments).

While the grades function may provide students with early feedback on their achievement, per UofT policy, only the Repository of Student Information (ROSI) represents their official final marks. It should also be noted that students do lose elements of instructor feedback when using the mobile application as they can only view the only their grade, and not any instructor comments associated with that grade.

Course Management:
At present it is recommended that instructors access the Grade Center and other high stakes functions from a desktop or laptop browser. At present mobile browsers are not robust enough to handle the complex navigation that is required to manage many of the robust online course components. For more detailed information on effective use and helpful hints please see Blackboard’s documentation on Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Courses.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I upload files from my device using Mobile Learn?
Images, audio and video recordings stored on your iPad, iPod touch and iPad device can be attached to content items, Blogs, Journal and Discussion Board posts.

I just made updates to the course from my mobile device; will they appear in the course when I login to the Learning Portal on my computer?
Yes, any changes you make will be reflected when you access the course using your desktop browser.

I just made updates to the course from my computer. When I access my mobile device it does not appear in the app.
Yes, the changes will appear. Note it may take a few minutes for some updates to appear. Refresh the view on your device.

Where do I go if I have questions about Mobile Learn?
Email portal.help@utoronto.ca


Online Tutorials & Video Demos

View demo for iPad:

View demo for Android:

View demo for Blackberry:






Blackboard Mobile Learn is developed and supported by Blackboard, rather than locally at UofT. As such, we are unable to accommodate requests to extend or modify Apps.

While an attempt has been made to familiarize support staff with Apps across supported platforms, due to limited availability of devices we are most familiar with iOS and to a lesser extent Android platforms.

In general, the service is provided "as-is". Many questions may have to be referred either to your carrier, handset manufacturer, or to Blackboard directly. Please see also:




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