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Login Information

Verify login | Verify courses | “My Page” homepage | Staff Information profile | Class List


Where do I login?

It is a good idea to remember or bookmark the the Blackboard Portal login page website address:


Once at the website, click on the "Log-in to the portal" button to access:


Verify your login

Remember, the Blackboard Portal uses your UTORid username and password.  Your  OISEnet or FirstClass username and password will not work with Blackboard.  Your UTORid will be used as your single sign-on username for all other UofT services.  In time, this will eliminate the need for multiple usernames and passwords as part of OISE's eCommunication strategy.

If you are unsure if your login will work, please verify your UTORid and password.

Once you login, you should get a "My Page" home screen that looks something like this:


Verify the courses that you are teaching

4 months before the first day of teaching, any courses that exist in in ROSI are sent to Blackboard.

New courses are available to instructors only once they have been assigned to the course in ROSI by their department.

Any courses that you are teaching should be listed under "My Courses" as shown:

If your course does not show up under "My Courses", it is probabaly for one of two reasons:

  1. The course is not officially listed in ROSI
  2. You are not listed as the official instructor for the course in ROSI.


Please contact your department to resolve any access issues.


Modify the “My Page” content area

You can customize the look and feel of the main "My Page" homepage screen.  Just click on the "Modify Content" or "Modify Layout" buttons to choose from various options:


New users to Blackboard - we suggest that you click on the "Modify Content" button and check off "Instructors Portal Help" and then click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.  This will display some frequently Asked Questions for Instructors who are new to using Blackboard.

Advanced users - other tools are available in the "Modify Content" area like the "UT Course Grafter" which allow you to merge multiple related courses that you are teaching in one single course.  This is advantageous if you normally provide the same content to more than one course.  By 'grafting' them together you only need to one master course, rather than all your multiple courses.

Note:  Anytime you change or modify in Blackboard, you must remember to click the "Submit" button found at the bottom of the page to save any changes you have made.  Think of the Submit button as being a "Save" button:


Modify your "Staff Information" profile

Your Staff Information profile in Blackboard lets your students know your contact information, office hours, etc.  Each course has a separate Staff Information section, so you can specify different office hours or room locations for each course that you teach in Blackboard. 

To update your staff information profile, follow these directions:

Select the course from the "My Courses" section on the Blackboard homepage.
Click on "Control Panel" from the bottom left Tools menu
Click on "Staff Information" from the Course Tools section.
Click the "+ Profile" button near the top.

In this section you can publish details about yourself to your class such as your Title,
First Name, Last Name, Email, Work Phone, Office Location, Office Hours, upload a picture and give a link to your personal website if you have one.

As with most options in Blackboard, please remember to click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to save the changes or additions that you have made:


Verify the class list

Student enrollment begins 45 days before the first day of teaching. Student enrollment is updated nightly thereafter.

With this official roster you can gather a list of student names, email addresses and UTORid usernames.

You can choose to display the information on your screen by clicking the "Preview" button, or you can save the information in an Excel/CSV file by clicking the "Download" button.



Next section in the Blackboard Starter Kit: Add basic course content



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