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Make Course Available



By default, courses will remain unavailable to your students until you choose to activate it.  If your students are indicating that your course is not listed for them, it is probably because you have not made it available yet.



To make your course available for your students to access, click on the "Control Panel" -> "Settings" -> "Course Availability".  Click "Yes" beside "Make Course Available", and click the submit button. 



The suggested time to make your course available is 1 day before the first class.  This is useful so that you can work on your course before releasing it to your students.  This is just a suggestion - you are free to make your course available and un-available to your students at any time.



Additional Functions

Once you are familiar with the basic Blackboard functions, you might be interested in some additional features available when using the Blackboard system:

  • Advanced item options - embedded media files like Youtube clips
  • Communicate with students - Email to specific students or groups
  • Combine (graft) similar courses into 1 master course - UT Course Grafter
  • Add additional course staff - GAs, course builder, (UT Manage Groups)
  • Organize students into groups - UT Manage Groups
  • Manage student grades - Grade Centre (Grade Book)
  • Assignments, tests - Digital DropBox, Assignment tool.
  • Incorporating Library Resources into Your Course Web Pages.


You can find additional help and how-to instruction on these and more topics in the Blackboard Self-Help section.