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Online and Distance Education at OISE

Bb UofT Learning Portal - Blackboard

Everything you need to know about Blackboard - the UofT Online Learning Portal


Bb MaintenanceA quick setup guide for OISE faculty - Getting Started with Blackboard
UofT Blackboard support - Blackboard Overview
Online Webinar in your course - Blackboard Collobarate
New features for 2016 - Inline Grading


You just need to login - where is the site?

portal login  Login with any web browser at: http://portal.utoronto.ca (UTORid and password required)

Bb app Blackboard Mobile App
- you can now also access Blackboard using the Blackboard Moblie Learn app.


Collaborate Blackboard Collaborate
- Mobile app available.  Requires JAVA on a desktop computer. 
First Time Users Support Portal for Blackboard Collaborate


How is a course shell created for Blackboard?

The simple answer: automatically...

  • All courses registered in ROSI will automatically generate a course shell in Blackboard. 
  • All instructors listed in ROSI will be given control panel access to the course. 
  • All students officially registered in the course through ROSI will automatically be enrolled in Blackboard courses.
  • Nothing is required on the part of the faculty member to create your course in Blackboard.  Refer to the Getting Started Checklist for Instructors if your course is not showing up.


Assistance for OISE Faculty

Are you new to Blackboard?  Would you like some how-to instructions for common tasks?  The Education Commons has compiled the following resources to assist OISE Faculty in the development of their course by utilizing features available in the Blackboard system:

  • Our Blackboard Starter Kit has been developed by the Education Commons to assist OISE faculty who are new to Blackboard.  The Bb Starter Kit is a list of 10 easy to follow steps to help get you 'up and running' on the Blackboard system:

  1. Check your UTORid
  2. Check your Course
  3. Blackboard Terminology
  4. Edit your Course Menu
  5. Add your Files to the Course
  6. View your Class List
  7. Make your Course Available
  8. Communicate with your Students
  9. Allow your Students to Contribute Content
10. Get Further Assistance with Blackboard

  • If you are using an external website for teaching purposes (for example: C2C, Adobe Connect, Wiki, etc.), you can Integrate that content through your Blackboard course site.
  • Check out our Bb Tips & FAQ page for answers to questions like how to add additional users to a course, how to remove old courses, how to receive files from students, and more.
  • Learn how to configure your Blackboard course by following some short instructional Bb How-to Video clips.
  • Contact the OISE EC Client Care Portal with any other questions you may have, or to request a personal consultation.



  • Other information and resources about Blackboard is available online to the UofT community at the Portalinfo web site.



What can I do with the Learning System?

  • Provide your students with an integrated learning environment with places for the syllabus, assignments, readings, quizzes, grades.
  • Communicate with individual students, study groups, class sections via email or the Announcement utility.
  • Use electronic teaching tools in the Virtual Classroom, discussion groups.



Education Commons Support

The Education Commons is now providing local Blackboard support for the OISE community who are currently using this new system in conjunction with teaching and research activities.

Individual consultations held with Education Commons staff are available to OISE instructors by contacting the Client Care Portal (CCP) with requests.

In addition to the web help information provided on this site, the EC can provide personal support.

Services include:

  • Support in setting up UTORid access required for use of the Blackboard system
  • Orientation and training as required for faculty adopting Blackboard
  • Consultation on use of Blackboard to support curriculum and program needs
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Special projects and Blackboard Building Block development
  • Special requests for integrating Blackboard with C2C or other online technologies

Contact the Client Care Portal (CCP) for more information.

Community Groups and Organizations

The Education Commons also provides support for the creation and setup of OISE Blackboard Community Groups and Organizations.  Organizations provide an active on-line meeting space for University community groups such as recognized student groups, academic communities of interest and administrative committees and offices.  Located under the "Community" tab in the Blackboard Portal, Organizations provide a collection of tools, making it easy for group members to connect, collaborate and chat online