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Online and Distance Education at OISE

C2C: Connect to Create

Our new online collaborate tool for teaching and learning


For our newest video help files, please visit our Toolbox section.

C2C's #1 help tip:  Use an updated version of the Firefox web browser to access C2C.

You can download the latest version here:

Download Firefox


About C2C

This tool is practice and researched informed and is currently being developed by EC's Solutions Development Group (SDG) for use in conjunction with Blackboard.

The tool can be linked within the OISEcms for research, professional and administrative knowledge communities.

If the online component of your course is about posting resources, stick with Blackboard! But, get the flex you need if your course methodology promotes asynchronous learning through online discussion or if your course is at a distance.

It is especially designed for instruction methodology using asynchonous online collaborations amoung students. Distance Education instructors will benefit greatly.

There is no need to use C2C if you primarily use your online course environments as a file sharing repository.


  • Easily create, move, hide/show, and lock forums and sub forums (conferences)
  • Create course notes, draft notes, replies and even private replies
  • Create muti-authored notes
  • Easily link and reference cross-conference notes
  • New split-screen viewing capabilities
  • Search the notes you need while you are editing a note
  • Create private folders to make collections of significant notes, make notes to self
  • Upload files, images and format your notes easily
  • Instructor Reports for class and student interaction


Want to try it out NOW?
All OISE faculty, staff and students are eligable to try our C2C Sandbox.  Login with UTORid into our C2C OISE Sandbox.


Want to use C2C for your course? 

Contact the OISE Client Care Portal if you would like some guided assistance.



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