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Online and Distance Education at OISE


Wayne Seller    

 Wayne Seller
 Associate Professor, CTL

 Focus: Curriculum Implementation


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at OISE.  I work out of Thunder Bay, Ontario where I am the Head of the Northwestern Centre. My work with schools, school boards, and educational personnel has focused on planning and delivering effective professional development and implementing change. This has also been central to my research and most recent writing. More specifically, I have concentrated on change as a process involving the creation and application of professional knowledge.


Current Online Courses:

There are three curriculum courses that I offer online. I offer CTL1000 Curriculum Foundations once each year and CTL1038 Change and Implementation and CTL1027 Reflective Professional Development are alternated every other year. I also offer an Educational Administration course.

CTL1000: Curriculum Foundations
This is a mandatory course for a graduate degree in curriculum. Philosophical, psychological, and social foundations of curriculum are examined. The lens of personal beliefs and the identification of orientations is used to study how curriculum is developed, delivered, and evaluated in schools and all teaching and learning venues.

CTL1038: Change and Implementation
This course examines change in practice which becomes necessary during the implementation of innovations. Enhancers and impediments to change are identified in order to plan and utilize implementation strategies designed to increase the chances of successful implementation of innovations. Theory and research related to the most common approaches to implementation form the basis for implementation planning.

CTL1027: Reflective Professional Development
Beginning with an examination of the nature and source of professional knowledge, this course goes on to look at the research on the most effective ways of facilitating knowledge creation in schools. A variety of strategies for conducting professional development are examined to determine how they might best be utilized. 



Technologies Currently Used in Online Courses:

WebKF4, Blackboard

Recent Publications in the Field of Online or Distance Education:


Other Publications/Works:


Contact Information:

Website: http://fcis.oise.utoronto.ca/~jhewitt
Email: wseller@oise.utoronto.ca
Telephone: (807) 475-8110