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Online and Distance Education at OISE


Supplement your course or teach at a distance


teaching onilne site



Continuity of Instruction for OISE Faculty


If you normally teach in-class only, here are some key activities to support students online during a land-based course disruption:

  • Teaching Online, Recording Lectures, Holding Virtual Office Hours, Running Online Discussions, Setting Up Online Assignment Submissions, Facilitating Group Activities, Providing communication updates.


Quick reference files:



Quercus - share important files & collaborate with your students

  • All courses automatically come with an associated online course in Quercus, which can be accessed at q.utoronto.ca

  • You do not need to request that a course be created, just login with your UTORid.  Your current courses should be visible on the Dashboard page.  


  • Courses are “unpublished” to your students by default, so they will not be notified of new announcements or able to access course materials/files that you share at first.  Your course must be “published” before students can see your course.


  • You can communicate with your students by sending an “Announcement”.


  • Course materials (files, lecture slides etc.) can be distributed via Quercus.  You must first add the “Files” area to your course, then you can “upload” or drag&drop to add files you wish you share with your class. 


  • Additional course work (activities, assignment submission, group work, etc.) can be facilitated online via Quercus.  Please consult the Quercus help site for full instructions on these items and more information:

Recording a video

  • Making a video recording can be done easily and quickly in Quercus.

  • Recording a video can be an effective way to quickly and easily communicate important information to your students. (please note: the first time you try to record, you will need to give your web browser permission to access your microphone and camera).



Live / synchronous teaching

  • Live class sessions can be facilitated by using the Zoom video collaboration tool.

  • If you need to conduct your live classroom lecture or seminar discussion in a location other than the OISE building, you can do so virtually using Zoom.


  • Zoom allows for live discussion with your students.  You can also share your computer screen, allow someone else to share their screen, run a poll/survey, allow for chat questions, create break-out groups, and record.


  • If you are teaching face-to-face in class, and would like a Zoom Pro account, please contact portal.oise@utoronto.ca who can provision one for you.  OISE Lecturers who already conduct their class online should already have their own Zoom "Pro" account. 

  • Before starting with Zoom, please review our best practices guide and information on how to integrate Zoom with your Quercus course:


Lecture Capture (recording a lecture)

  • Lecture capture: recording of your computer screen, video and audio.  Zoom "Pro" accounts have the ability to record your session. 

    • You can create a Zoom session with just one person, yourself.  Start, pause, stop the recording as you need.  Recordings are saved onto your computer and can be distributed to your class by uploading them to Quercus or MyMedia.

    • Refer to the Zoom site for more information and help guides:




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