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Online and Distance Education at OISE


Supplement your course or teach at a distance

We welcome you to our instructor portal for online education which means you are teaching or thinking about teaching a course that is either completely or partially online. This page is meant to guide you to the right places, especially if you are teaching a fully distance course.


Blackboard will no longer be available after August 31st 2018.  


What does this mean for you?  Anything that you have in Blackboard will no longer be accessible after August 31.  This includes regular courses as well as any custom courses and organizations (under the My Organizations Plus” section). 

What course content should you save?  Everything you want to keep or re-use: Winter 2017, Summer Session 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2018.

All Blackboard content that you wish to keep or continue using after August 31st 2018 must be saved in a format that is compatible with Canvas: 

1. Create an export file of your course:

  • Go to the Control Panel area from within your course in Blackboard:


  • Select Packages and UtilitiesExport/Archive Course, and then Export Package.
  • Verify that "Copy links and include copies of the files..." has been selected:

copy links

  • Choose "Select All" to export all content and click Submit


2. Save the export file to your computer:

  • When the export has completed you will receive an email message, or you can remain on the page and click the "Refresh" button until you see a link appear (this may take some time depending on how large your course is).
  • A link to download a .zip file containing exported course content will be available. The link will be something like "ExportFile_courseID_2018xxxxxxxx.zip"
  • Select this link and download / save the file to your computer.


Are you teaching in the 2018 Summer Session?  Great news, all OISE courses are now available on Quercus!   If you want to migrate your course from Blackboard into Quercus, follow these instructions from the Toolbox renewal website.



OISE MOOC - Aboriginal Worldviews and Education

ECAboriginal Worldviews and Education, OISE's MOOC pilot, successfully ran during February 2013, using Coursera, a UofT initiative.

The EC consulted around the development with Dr. Jean-Paul Restoule. Thanks to Neil Tinker and Derek Hunt for their fine efforts during the pilot to make it the success it was.

Want more info on MOOCs?

MOOC(s) stands for Massive Open Online Course(s), which enable hundreds of people (or more) world-wide to learn about topics offered in this pilot.


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