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Social Bookmarking

Connect with People and Resources

Social Bookmarking is a way for users to store resources (such as internet bookmarks) in an online application similar to a personal library. Keywords, known as "tags" can be assigned to aid with the searching process. What makes this form of cataloging social is the ability to search similar interests around information resources with other users in the system. Members of the site can view how the resources are used, cataloged and tagged in a variety of ways. Members can often track the additions of new resources by other members with RSS feeds provided right in the same application. From a more scholarly level, it is an excellent way to learn a new content area by seeing the tagging of others.

These applications are browser-based and require login. Many websites are incorporating the idea of "tagging" into their websites. Blogs now are also using tagging methodology.

LibraryThing is a great little site to catalogue books and resources while finding/tracking other people with similar interests. Other popular sites include: del.icio.us and digg. All are free login to peruse and use.