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Online and Distance Education at OISE

C2C: Connect to Create

A collaborate tool for communities, teaching & learning, and more...

Download Firefox   |  Find your C2C   |   Help Documents   |  Help Videos (YouTube Playlist)


C2C Help: 4 Steps to Get Started
For Your Courses or Research Communities


1.  Use an updated version of the Firefox web browser to access C2C.

C2C is optimized for use in Firefox. You can download the latest version:

Download Firefox


2 Find your C2C Shell

To access or setup your C2C shell (anyone) login to the EC Online Portal (formerly myOISE), via UTORid, and click on the [Communities icon] in the top menu. If it is a course shell, it will show up under [My C2C Courses and Cohorts], otherwise it will appear under [My C2C Communities].

NOTE: The left side menu expands and allows you to view and access your communities in a linear way. For this demonstration, please use the top icon view of your communities.

Community Screenshot


Course C2C's are available for use by the designated instructor for any active course. 

  • The shell can be used or not.
  • The C2C shell is activated (made live) when one forum and note is created within the empty shell.
  • Students are automatically populated through ROSI.
  • For your students to know about their C2C(s), you must:

1. Tell them to login to the EC Online Portal (formerly myOISE), via UTORid as it will always be there, among other OISE-related tools.


2. Give them the C2C URL (if you do not need or want to use the EC Online Portal portal)

If using Blackboard (Portal)

3. Link C2C inside of Blackboard

Instructors can set up a shell from this environment and integrate the C2C link (URL) their in Blackboard course shell if desired.

Community Screen Shot 2


If you are a student, you may access the C2C course shell through the EC Online Portal (formerly myOISE), via UTORid as above, however, your instructor may have also added a link to your C2C discussion tool to your Bb course menu.

Bb Menu link


3. Help Documents

Help files with images and instructions (updated August 2012)

1. Participant/Student Initial Login and FIPPA Acceptance (Your First Screen - see YouTube Playlist)

2. Getting Started - 10 Key Features (how to's)

3. C2C Overview Diagrams


4. C2C Help Videos - YouTube

Playlist in order of content list below. Controls top left

youtube iconYou may also view this at our YouTube playlist.
The playlist includes 29 (5-minute each) videos from getting you started to advanced features as well as instructor/administrator assessment and course set-up.

NOTE: Expand the videos to FULL SCREEN to see the detail.

Playlist Contents (June 2012):

  1. C2C - Intro Screen
  2. C2C - Notes
  3. C2C – Files
  4. C2C - Access Uploaded/Inserted Files by Anyone
  5. C2C - Website Links
  6. C2C - Search
  7. C2C - Summary - While you Edit Notes
  8. C2C - More Features - Show All Note Content, Hide, Drafts, Delete, Co-Author
  9. C2C - More Features - Stars, Note Info, Hidden and Private Replies
  10. C2C - RSS
  11. C2C - Simply Viewing the Site
  12. Links in C2C and Opening Files
  13. Creating Website Links in C2C
  14. Chat - talking synchronously
  15. C2C - Settings
  16. Adding Your Avatar and Your Institutional Profile
  17. Administrators/Instructors – Creating Forums
  18. Administrators/Instructors - Creating Forums Continued
  19. Assessment/Evaluation of Participant Engagement
  20. Assessment/Evaluation of Participant Engagement Continued
  21. Score As You
  22. My Collections
  23. Collections Continued
  24. Mailbox (Inbox to C2C)
  25. Admins and Instructors - EC Online Portal (formerly myOISE) - Getting your C2C
  26. Admins and Instructors – EC Online Portal (formerly myOISE) Continued
  27. Instructors - The FIPPA Screen
  28. C2C - Last Notes and Help
  29. Postscript - About Formatting

  • Although we attempt to keep our help files current, you may find some differences with the interface since the applications are updated periodically.
  • Please contact the client care portal for any discrepancies, omissions or problems.