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Online and Distance Education at OISE

Email and Webspace

What you can have or you may need.

All members (students and instructors) of the OISE community are eligible for a number of accounts - those provided by OISE as well as resources provided by UofT at large.

Some of these processes and platforms are changing with the new technical migrations happening at OISE. We will update this page as information becomes available. Please check the Homespace page for requesting personal space, webspace and research space. Contact the Client Care Portal for more information on any of the following needs. Keep your eye on the  eCommunication (Migration) strategy page as we move forward.

1. OISENet Webspace

OISENet Email is automatic when part of the OISE Community (students and faculty). When you download the client there is a provision for you to create your own web page within the system. This is useful for small biographies or supplementary course information and links.

What is happening here?
For staff and faculty this feature will transfer to Homespace. For students this aefture will transfer to UofT provided Webspace (see below). For OISE groups, the institutional CMS is recommened - contact the portal.

2. UofT Email (UTORMail)

UofT Email is also automatic when part of the UofT community (students and faculty). You may forward this mail to another account if you do not wish to use the service directly. However, critical UofT information may be sent to this account. More information around this service can be accessed at the main UTORID Management Page and thus requires your UTORID account information. It takes approximately 24 hours for requests to be processed.

3. UofT Webspace Requests (UTORWeb)

Web space may be requested at the main UTORID Management Page and therefore requires your UTORID account information. It takes approximately 24 hours for requests to be processed.

4. OISE Course Space Requests (extra space for instructors)

We are currently in the process of reviewing and creating a new system for faculty needs around extra web space for professional and course-based requirements. At this time please submit a request to us with a brief rationale and explanation of your specific requirement.

5. OISE Research Space/Hosting Requests (for funded research)

If you have specific research needs for web space or hosting requirements, please submit your request to us with a brief explanation. We will contact you to set up a meeting and review your needs. Normally this is a fee-based service.