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Podcasting is the process of creating and/or distributing pre-created audio or video content on the Internet. Podcasts that are created and shared at regular intervals (especially those provided by organizations or posted by shared communities) are generally distributed through RSS feeds, so that users can stay current with the newest cast. In essence, however, the media exported can simply be posted on a website.

How are podcasts created? Through any media creation or recording device, from as simple as a video taken from a cellular phone or a recorded computer webcam session to video recorded on more professional video camcorders. Most recorded media are often edited for content and size and exported into media types (such as Quicktime or Windows Media Player, see our downloads page) that others can view online and/or transfer to a portable handheld device such as an iPod. Podcasts may also be a series of slides with images, music and text timed and assembled in programs such as GarageBand (Mac) or Mixcraft (PC). These presentations are exported for podcasting.


Quick Notes on Finding, Subscribing and Creating Podcasts

Finding Existing Podcasts
There are many directories (see below) and individual web sites that offer the podcasts. Your goal is finding the most interesting and applicable topic for you. iTunes (free for Mac or PC) is an application that can be downloaded offering many podcast topics free of charge through the iTunes Store. It allows you to subscribe to an area of interest and have podcasts automatically downloaded to your Windows or Macintosh computer within iTunes for later viewing. iTunes podcast subscriptions are not limited to the content available within the iTunes store.

REMEMBER: You can listen to any podcast WITHOUT subscribing!

How to Subscribe in iTunes

Once you find the podcast using at the iTunes site, click on the subscribe button button in the iTunes interface. Another way to subscribe with iTunes is to look for a small icon iTunes button (also known as a badge) on the web page.

To subscribe to a regularly distributed podcast at other sites, most web pages have either an rss buttonxml button, or podcast button badge, instead of an iTunes badge. Clicking on the badge will show you the RSS feed "link" for the podcast. If you drag and drop the badge from the web page into the iTunes Podcast window, iTunes will subscribe to the podcast and automatically download the latest episode. Alternately you may also subscribe to any podcast by going into the ADVANCED menu within iTunes, select SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST and copy/paste the RSS "link" on the site into the blank pop-up box in iTunes. All subscriptions will display and can be played in iTunes from the main library window.

So, you can listen to podcasts directly on your computer from iTunes, on an iPod (after transfered from iTunes) or on other handheld devises such as a Palm or Windows Mobile handheld. You can also subscribe to podcasts using QuickNews for Palm OS or PocketRSS for Windows Mobile.

Creating a Podcast
As mentioned previously, there are many ways "technically" to create media for distribution. From a planning perspective for podcasting there are four key stages of development: preproduction, recording, editing and publishing. O'Reilly Digital Media Center  offers an interesting step-by-step method.

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