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Streaming Media

Faster Ways to Transfer Media


Streaming media (video audio) is about multimedia which is transmitted on the Internet in a streaming or continuous technique, using data packets. The name refers to the technical transfer method. It is a way for the viewer to see or hear files that are large in memory at a  faster rate. The definition is usually applied to media that are distributed over large networks and web sites.

The web user does not have to download the streaming file before seeing the video or hearing the sound. Instead, the media is sent in a continuous stream and is played as it arrives. The user does need a player, which is a special program allowing the media to be displayed. The user also needs video and/or audio enabled technologies which most computer systems have. Major web sites include a link to the player required - such as Real, Windows Media or QuickTime (see downloads).

Some sites allow for the media to be downloaded to a user's hard drive and some restrict this ability for copyright protection.

Creating Your Own Streaming Media

It is possible to stream media that you post on a web site, if your service provider has the technology.

You can also stream a live session (webcast) from your own computer with various tools, assuming you have access to a server with these capabilities. We will update this site in the future to give you more information around live streaming.


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