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What is it? It's Online Broadcasting

Webcasting, simply defined, is about broadcasting media through the Internet rather than (but similar to) radio or television. The transmission can be live, delayed or pre-recorded. When live, other interactive technologies such as real-time chat questions, email, whiteboards and image or media presentations accompany the actual broadcast. All these activities and the webcast itself, is usually recorded and often posted online or podcasted for post review.

To view a webcast, users must have the appropriate multimedia application such as Quick Time, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player (see downloads).

Webcasting is used educationally often for live (or delayed) lectures, events, meetings or collaboration among a community at a distance and even dissertations with members from all parts of the world. It can be used for anything you wish to record and transmit live or delayed that brings people and resources together online.

WebCasting at OISE

To date, WebCasting at OISE has been used to include a larger audience in conferences and lectures.  Utilizing webcasting's one-to-many 'broadcasting' ability, participants from across the country, or around the world, are able to participate without having to travel to OISE. These events are also archived, which allows all participants (both those who access the cast from afar, and those who participated locally (e.g. onsite at OISE)), the ability to replay the broadcast at a later time.

WebCasting at OISE does incur charges for the technician's time during the event and a hosting fee for the online archive of the event for the following year.

An online booking form and more detail about WebCasting@OISE is information currently under construction, stay tuned!

All inquiries can be directed to: videoconference@oise.utoronto.ca


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