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Collaborative Writing and Web Editing 

A wiki is an online application that allows multiple authors to very simply and collaboratively create, write and edit web page content using a web browser with no programing or scripting knowledge.

The open philosophy behind a wiki is beneficial for collaborative writing projects using a web browser even when participants are at a distance. Revisions are tracked. Almost all wikis have a "Recent Changes" page, which compares the most recent content with previous versions. In keeping with a more free-spirited approach, writing and editing permissions can be set quite liberally so that no evaluation by moderators are required for modifications to be accepted, therefore edits can be viewed in real–time. If more structure is desired, permissions can be set prior to publishing.

Fundamentally once created, a wiki is a database in the form of webpages, for storing, creating, sharing and searching information. Most wikis have very simple tools for users to link pages together and upload files. A single page designed in the wiki environment is called a “wiki page”; the set of total wiki pages, connected with each other via hyperlinks, is the wiki. The most well-known wiki is Wikipedia - a collaborative online encyclopedia created by wikipedians.

Some wikis require the user to install software to design and manage the wiki. Most wiki-providers host and provide all the tools required online within the wiki environment. Now providers are combining wikis with blogs called blikis.


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Some Wikis with "standard" Wiki features to try out:

Wikispaces Recommended - Easy to Use (Integration with Blogger.com - see Blogs)
Seed Wiki (Fairly easy to use, various options, internal blog integrator)
Peanutbutter Wiki (Edu supportive)
Wiki-Site Wikipedia-style
Wiki Wiki Web Original Wiki - Ward Cunningham


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