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Ontario college strike: Information for applicants

Instructors at Ontario’s 24 public colleges are currently on strike. More than 300,000 students are impacted, including some who are applying for admission to OISE graduate studies.

Colleges are open and administrative services, such as processing a request for an official transcript, are fully functional. However, obtaining a reference letter from a college instructor may not be possible.

If this situation affects you, we suggest the following: 

  • Before completing the online admissions application, check with your intended referee to determine if they are willing to submit a reference letter for you. 
  • If your intended referee is a college instructor who is willing to submit a reference letter only after the strike, enter their information in the online admissions application (hopefully the job action will end soon).
  • Monitor the status of the reference letter in the online admissions application. If this reference letter document does not show “Received” by December 8, you'll need to choose one of two options:

    1. Remove the referee and designate another individual who will promptly submit a reference letter for you; a written request must be sent to admissions.oise@utoronto.ca and include the name of the referee you want to remove, and information about the newly designated referee (title, first name, last name, institution, telephone number, relationship to applicant, institutional email address).
    2. Continue to wait for your intended referee to submit a reference letter, with the understanding your application is moving forward in our review process and ultimately may be considered with a missing reference letter.

Lastly, be aware application deadlines and closing dates that pertain to completion of the online admissions application (including payment) remain applicable to all applicants.