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Application steps

Step 4: Apply via online admissions application

All applicants must apply using the School of Graduate Studies online admissions application.

As an applicant, it is your responsibility to:

  • input all relevant information and check for accuracy;
  • provide referee information so referees can be contacted via e-mail and submit a letter of reference online;
  • pay the application fee of $225;
  • upload supporting documents;
  • monitor the status of documents (received or pending) and take action when necessary; and 
  • monitor the overall status of your application.

Descriptions about the information you must enter in the application are available via the system’s help feature. We also share supplemental guidelines on select fields:

Start Date
New students are expected to begin their program in the Fall Session, which commences in September. Applicants cannot select the Summer (May/June or July/August) or Winter Session (January) as a start date.

Graduate Unit 
There are many graduate units at the University of Toronto. You must select “Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)" from the pick list. Otherwise, it is not possible for us to consider your application. 

Attendance Type
Whether you choose full-time or part-time, your selection will apply to all your program choices. If you’re open to both full-time or part-time studies: 1) select full-time in your online admissions application, and 2) mention your interest in both full- and part-time studies in your statement of intent.

The attendance type associated with an offer of admission is stated on the offer letter and restrictions may apply if you want to change it. Some programs, such as PhD degrees, require full-time registration. Please consult the School of Graduate Studies Calendar.

Program / Degree Program / Collaborative Specialization / Field(s) of Study/Concentration(s)
Be extremely careful when selecting a program of study and degree because applications are processed based on this information. Changes to selections are not possible after the application fee is paid.

The pick list for this field includes all OISE programs. A message will appear if a program is not considering new applications. 

For collaborative specializations, applicants are responsible for reviewing the specialization's application information. Many have a separate and distinct application process.

Your application will be considered for all program selections indicated at the time of initial application (maximum three). Additional choices are not permitted. Even if the initial application identified fewer than three choices, subsequent additional program selections are not allowed. If applying to more than one program, field or collaborative specialization, list selections in order of preference.

Proposed Area of Study
If applicable, you should list proposed research area(s) or area(s) of interest in this field, and indicate if you want to be part of a specific group or focus. The School of Graduate Studies Calendar and program websites provide information on potential areas of study. This field is optional, but in conjunction with the statement of intent, communicating an area of study will assist a department in evaluating your application.

Teaching Subject(s) 
Applicants applying to the Master of Teaching program with a Junior/Intermediate or Intermediate/Senior concentration must indicate their intended teaching subject(s). Applicants must ensure that they hold the appropriate undergraduate prerequisites for their chosen teaching subject(s).


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