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COVID - Teaching and Learning Resources

As the current COVID-19 situation is ever evolving and we move our courses and OSSC appointments online, below are some resources to help you with both teaching and learning online.
Teaching and Learning Online Resources
Centre for Teaching, Support and Innovation
CTSI provides support for pedagogy and pedagogy-driven instructional technology for all teaching staff and teaching assistants.
Teaching Resources:
Education Commons Instructor Resources
Online learning strategies, course design guidelines for Instructors, video resources for teaching online
OISE Library


Online Teaching and Learning & Distance Education at OISE
Resources to help compliment your teaching online courses
Teaching and Learning Onlin
A blog created by the Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning to help both students and teachers navigate and find effective ways to teach and learn online. The site offers tutorials, resouce guides, handbooks to help you along the way.

Getting ready
for online 

This resource has been developed to introduce you to some tips and strategies for success. Take a moment to read and take part in the activities on this page to help you prepare for your online learning experience.

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Student Mental Health Resource