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Graduate Fees  

Fees schedule and invoices


In addition to academic fees, students are required to pay incidental fees, which includes campus and student society fees. It's important to understand how fees will affect your academic experience, so be sure to read the policies on various fees and payment types.


The University of Toronto does not mail invoices to students. Instead, students are informed of fees payable on ACORN. 

Final-year fees for research stream master's students

Your Fall 2022 session registration and fees are cancelled if your degree recommendation and master's thesis (if required) are received by September 30, 2022. After this date, you'll be required to register and pay fees for the Fall session. A late fee will be applied if you have not registered in the registration period but do not make the deadline and are required to enrol.

You do not have to register or pay fees for the Winter 2023 session if your degree recommendation and master's thesis (if required) are received by January 20, 2023. If you miss this deadline, you'll be required to register and pay fees for the Winter session.

Final-year fees for doctoral students

Academic fees for full-time doctoral students who are in the final year of their program and have not reached their maximum time limit are pro-rated based on the 12-month academic year plus sessional incidentals.

Academic fees for doctoral students who are in their final extension year and are beyond their maximum time limit are prorated based on 50% of the annual domestic fee for the 12-month academic year plus sessional incidentals.

Students will be billed for the whole year, but can pay in three ways: 

  • The full-year fee; 
  • The minimum first payment (100% of current fall tuition fee charges); or
  • The fee based on the expected date of completion.

If you choose to pay less than the full-year fee, a monthly service charge starting October 15 will be applied to any outstanding balance unless you have made a fee arrangement that exempts you from paying service fees until the end of April.

If you have made a fee arrangement that exempts you from paying service fees until the end of April and your thesis is submitted prior to April, the arrangement will be cancelled. Once your thesis is submitted your balance is due otherwise monthly service charges will be applied on any outstanding balance.

When a final corrected thesis is submitted, fees and service charges are adjusted accordingly. For more information, please review the monthly academic and incidental fees schedule at the Student Accounts website. The pro-rated fee applies to students who have been continuously registered in their program, or who have obtained an authorized leave of absence.

Please note that international students may be entitled to a partial refund of their UHIP fee; these students are advised to contact the Centre for International Experience for more information.

Minimum and balance of degree fees

The program length into which you are admitted determines the minimum total academic fee that you must pay prior to graduation; this is called the “Degree Fee." At the time of graduation, the cumulative academic/program fees paid are calculated and if the total is less than the Degree Fee, you must pay the difference. This is known as the minimum degree fee. 

All graduate students must pay a minimum degree fee. It represents the minimum amount of tuition that every student must pay upon completion of their program prior to graduation.



The minimum degree fee is based on the full-time program length for each master's degree program and is assessed prior to graduation. The program length is the length of time within which an academically well-prepared student should be able to complete the program. The minimum degree fee schedule is available here.

Students who finish the requirements for their degree program and who have cumulatively paid less in program fees than the degree fee, whether registered full-time or part-time, will be subject to a balance of degree fee. The balance owing of minimum degree fee is  the minimum degree fee minus cumulative program fees already paid by the student during completion of the degree (only program fees).

Per Restrictions on Past Due Accounts, students who have outstanding fees will have a financial hold placed on their ACORN account and transcripts and confirmation of degree letters will not be released until fees have been paid.
Graduating students with outstanding fees (other than the balance of degree fee) who are attending the ceremony will receive an empty envelope, which will be identical to the other envelopes containing diplomas.

the two exceptions to the Restrictions on Past Due Accounts for Balance of Minimum degree fee amounts owing are:

  • Graduating students who owe only the balance of minimum degree, will receive their dipoma at the ceremony.
  • Even though the balance of degree fee becomes due when posted, service charges on that amount do not begin until three months after the student's convocation. If the fee is still unpaid by that time, you'll be charged a monthly service fee of 1.5% compounded (19.56% per annum).

If you have paid more than the minimum degree fee due to the time taken to complete the degree requirements, there is no refund of fees.


The minimum degree fee for PhD and professional doctoral programs is the fee associated with one year (three sessions) of full-time studies. For this reason, doctoral students do not typically have a balance of degree fee.


Minimum degree fees for international students are based on international student fees. However, certain categories of international students are charged academic fees equal to those for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. For more information, please consult the Student Accounts website.

For international students who change to domestic status during their study period, the minimum degree fee will be assessed as follows:

  • If the legal status change occurred within the program length, the minimum degree fee will be based on the domestic tuition fee.
  • If the legal status change occurred after the program length, the minimum degree fee will be based on the international tuition fee.

Services charges on outstanding balance

If not paid in full, any outstanding account balance is subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% compounded monthly (19.56% per annum). For more information about service charges, visit the Student Accounts website.