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Mindfulness Practice 


Fall 2020 Schedule

Mondays | 4:15-4:45pm
Monday Mantra (Ellen)
How did your Monday go? Looking for a bit of mindful motivation for the rest of the week? This weekly drop-in session is a space to reconnect with your body, mind, and soul and to learn and practice mindfulness to support and empower your week ahead. All are welcome!
(*Note: no session on Sept. 28th) 
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Tuesdays | 12:30-1:00pm
Coming Home to Ourselves: Mindfulness for Navigating Change (Shalyn)
Change is an inevitable part of our daily experiences. This meditation will help us cultivate a sense of mindfulness, present-moment awareness, and compassion to help us feel grounded within our bodies and prepared to engage with the dynamics of change without becoming overwhelmed. This mindfulness meditation series focuses on creating a sense of inner security as we navigate change in our daily lives and learn to create a space within ourselves where different emotional experiences can be held with compassion and curiosity. No matter what changes are happening in our lives, we can use mindfulness meditation to create a safe home within our bodies that we can feel securely grounded in. The mindfulness skills students will learn can help them experience greater inner freedom, emotional regulation, stability, and choice.
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Wednesdays | 8:15-8:45am
Good Morning Flow & Grow (Ellen)
Rise, shine, and get ready for class! These mindfulness drop-in sessions will be a mixed bag of practices and activities to get you grounded and ready for your day. Mindful meditations, gentle yoga or stretching, creative connections, and more. Expect a unique experience each week!
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Wednesdays | 12:15-12:45pm
Stop, Stretch, & Soul (Ellen)
Take a moment to nourish your body, mind, and soul with some gentle yoga in between Zooms. These sessions will stretch and strengthen your spine and soothe your stress so you can get back to studying! No yoga experience required, and sessions will accommodate for small spaces. Everyone is welcome!
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Wednesdays | 4:15-4:45pm (November ONLY)
Pop-up Practicum Mindfulness Workshop (Ellen)
We could all use a bit more mindfulness in our lives these days!
Are you interested in incoroprating mindfulness into your teaching this practicum?  Join me for a weekly pop-up workshop to learn about activities and practices that are classroom friendly and will also help you stay grounded in your teaching.  No previous experience required!  This is an open space where inquiries are welcome and chatting is encouraged!
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Thursdays | 4:00-4:30pm
Mindfulness for Cultivating Compassion (Shalyn)
This mindfulness meditation series is focused on using mindfulness to cultivate a sense of compassion for ourselves and others. Through living in a society that values production and external achievement at the expense of emotional and physical well-being, it can feel counterintuitive to experience compassion for ourselves, other people, and sentient beings. We will be using this mindfulness meditation practice to explore what compassion looks and feels like in our bodies, and ways we can feel and practice compassion for ourselves, our communities, nature, and all sentient beings in order to take small but important steps towards creating a more compassionate society. 
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For additional related opportunities, please visit OISE Wellness.