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Newly admitted students

Important dates and resources 


Important upcoming dates for newly admitted students Fall/Winter Sessions

Below is a list of dates for newly admitted students to follow. For a list of academic and sessional dates for the 2019 Fall and 2020 Winter terms, click here

June 3

$300 non-refundable deposit is due for students in the Master of Teaching or Master of Arts in Child Study and Education programs.

July 2020
*Date TBA

The timetable for Fall and Winter OISE courses becomes available this week. OISE course descriptions are in the OISE Bulletin

If you are a new ACORN user, check out the instructional videos; not all features apply to all programs, but it is good to know how to navigate and to understand the enrollment cart and waitlists etc. before course enrolment begins. 


Will be available approx one week after timetable becomes available

*Date TBA

Fall and Winter course enrolment/selection begins at 6 a.m. via ACORN. MT year 1 students will have courses loaded into ACORN by the ORSS.

It is advised to log in to the system as soon as it opens for course enrolment to ensure you are able to enrol in all of your preferred classes. 

July 15

Registration for Fall and Winter sessions begins.  

*What is the difference between enrolment and registration at OISE?
To enrol, you add courses. To register, you pay your tuition and incidental fees, or register without payment (defer fees based on OSAP).

August 23

Pay tuition fees through a bank to ensure they are in your account to meet the Fall/Winter registration deadline. 


Last day to be enrolled from a waiting-list into a course that begins in September. Waiting-lists will be cancelled after August 29. If there is still no room in the course you were wait-listed for, you have a few days to select another course via ACORN.



Students can apply for a refund of certain portions of some student society fees within limited time periods at the beginning of each session and at the discretion of the student society. For more information, please visit the student acounts website

early September 

Last day to add Fall session courses via ACORN. After today, a completed 'Course add' form, including instructor approval, must be submitted.

early September 

OISE orientation events/School of Graduate Studies orientation events. 

September TBA

Fall session and full-year courses begin. 

September TBA

Registration deadline for the Fall session. Either payment must be in your student account or online ACORN OSAP deferral must be processed by this day. Minimum required payment shows on your student invoice on ACORN. 

After this date, if you are not registered your courses are dropped and your status is cancelled. Full details available on the student accounts website

September TBA

Final date to request a one-year deferral of admission, if allowed by the relevant program.

September TBA

Final day to enrol in Fall session or full-year courses. 

After this date only 50 per cent of tuition is refunded upon withdrawal from the Fall/Winter session, be aware of the refund schedule dates.


The OISE Bulletin and SGS Calendar

The OISE Graduate Studies Bulletin

The Bulletin provides information on OISE's graduate programs, fees, important dates, course listings, and more. 

School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Calendar

The SGS Calendar provides information for all of the University of Toronto's graduate programs, including requirements, fees, regulations, course listings. 

Each student is required to satisfy the program requirements found in the SGS Calendar (see Programs by Graduate Unit) of the academic year in which the student first registered in the graduate program.


Other policies and guidelines

Tuition, fees and financial support

Tuition and Financial Support

On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about tuition, graduate funding packages, scholarships, awards, bursaries, student loans, employment opportunities available at OISE and U of T. Also, learn about budgeting and moving to Toronto. 

Understanding Graduate Fees 

This provides an overview of the various expected fees and costs related to your studies at OISE, such as minimum degree fees and final year fees. 


Student services and support

Both OISE and U of T offer a wide range of services and support, from writing centres and accessibility support to career advising and so much more. Below are some of the key student services and supportive resources available on campus.

For a more comprehensive list, consult the A-Z List of Links for Students or browse through this Categorized List of Links for Students for even more options.

For academic advice, student success support, accessibility needs, financial aid, personal advice, registration and referrals, be sure to get in touch with OISE's Registrar’s Office.

OISE Student Success Centre

This academic skills and support centre offers students the opportunity to book one-on-one appointments with an advisor to develop skills and competencies in a wide range of areas, including academic writing, presentations, teaching, English language development and more. 

Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office

The Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office serves faculty, staff and students in various ways to help facilitate a supportive environment within which to live, learn and work. 

Accessibility Services

Talk to OISE's Student Success Counsellor and find out about academic accommodations, adaptive technology and other disability-related supports and services.

Centre for International Experience

The Centre for International Experience serves international students coming to U of T and domestic students looking to go abroad.

Counselling Services

OISE's Student Success Counsellor works with you to manage challenges and minimize disruptions to your personal well-being and academic success. Meet confidentially and one-on-one to explore concerns, assess obstacles to academic success, and collaborate to develop support plans and strategies.

Family Care Office

The Family Care Office provides confidential guidance, resources, referrals, educational programming and advocacy for the University of Toronto community and their families.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Centre offers University of Toronto students a wide range of services to help support them in achieving their personal and academic best.

Indigenous Student Services and Programs

First Nations House (FNH) provides culturally-relevant services to Indigenous students that support and unite academic success with personal growth and leadership development. It also offers learning opportunities for all students to engage with Indigenous communities, within the University of Toronto and beyond.

Sexual and Gender Diversity Office

Innovative education, programming, resources and advocacy on sexual and gender diversity for students, staff and faculty across the University’s three campuses.

Technology Services

The Education Commons at OISE offers students a wide-range of technology and services for research, teaching, learning and community outreach in education, including a fully-equipped computer lab, advanced data analysis workstations, and state-of-the-art collaborative workspaces with integrated audio, lighting and projection options.

Student groups

U of T Student Life

Get involved, explore your passion, and build your own community with one of the many student clubs, groups and organizations at the University of Toronto. You’ll find a club for almost every pursuit - from beekeeping to breakdancing, magic to mah-jong, Quidditch to space robots. Check out ULife for a listing of all the different types of groups on campus.  

Graduate Students' Union (GSU)

This union is your advocate and provides everything from health benefits to representation on various committees.