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Orientation Events

Thank you for choosing the University of Toronto for your studies and welcome to the OISE family!

Are you ready for your first week?

Join us for Orientation to learn more about OISE, your program and department. Find out about the many resources and services available to you as a UofT/OISE graduate student.

Note: All information below is for September, Fall 2021 orientation. This webpage will be updated closer to the dates for Fall 2022 orientation.


OISE Building Virtual Tour Video

Orientation 101

Where can I find previous recordings?

  • OISE Orientation / Dean's Welcome, Video
  • Scholarship in Coversation, Video, Slides
  • Financial Aid for Full-Time Domestic Students, Video

What is OISE Orientation?

OISE Orientation is a great opportunity for you to learn everything the University of Toronto, Faculty of OISE, your department, and your program can offer you. To ensure you have a successful start, we are planning a number of virtual orientation events. You will be introduced to important resources and services available to you, as you connect with your fellow classmates, distinct professors, and vital staff members. Orientation is an excellent opportunity to get your questions addressed as well.

When is OISE Orientation?

OISE orientation will take place on Thursday September 9th (9 AM - 4 PM). Your department/program will be offering orientation programming between Thursday September 2 to Friday September 10, 2021. All dates and times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) Zone. Some events may fall outside of these dates.

Will Orientation be in person or online? Will it be recorded?

All OISE Orientation events will be online. Our hope is to share important resources and services through three ways: digital/print materials, recorded videos, and live Zoom/Teams sessions. We aim to record all events and sessions to make them available for online and offline viewing.

Do I need Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

Yes. Majority of the events will take place over Zoom ( or Microsoft Teams. To ensure you have full Zoom functionalities and to reduce technical issues, you should:

  1. create a free Zoom account,
  2. install the free Zoom application instead of running it on a web browser,
  3. join a test Zoom meeting,
  4. read Zoom FAQs for additional support,
  5. configure UTORvpn if Zoom is blocked in your country.

All UofT students get free access to Microsoft Office 365 (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and more). Take full advantage of this by installing Office 365.

Where do I find more information about OISE Orientation?

In the coming weeks, you will find orientation schedules, Zoom/Team links and additional resources on this webpage. You may also receive orientation planning, schedules and links directly sent to you via email from your department and/or program (see below for more info).

Who is hosting Orientation? What are all these acronyms?

The following are important groups/acronyms you should familiarize yourself with, whom will be hosting orientation events:

Office of the Registrar and Student Services (ORSS) – The ORSS provides information on: admission, digital forms, course registration, account information, fee payments, student financial budgeting advice, counseling, well-being, accommodations, career services, the OSSC, professional development, convocation and more. The ORSS will host a full day of orientation on Thursday September 9th from 9 am to 4 pm (EST), click here to register.

Your Department (LHAE, SJE, CTL, APHD) – There are 4 unique departments at OISE. Every program at OISE falls under one of them. Each department’s title does well to explain the type of programing they offer. If your department is hosting orientation programming, you will likely receive further information in your email.

  • Leadership, Higher & Adult Education (LHAE)
  • Social Justice Education (SJE)
  • Curriculum, Teaching & Learning (CTL)
  • Applied Psychology & Human Development (APHD)

Your Program and/or Collaborative Specialization:

  • Each student will be affiliated with one of 12 OISE programs. Some students may choose to be a part of a collaborative specialization as well. If your program/collaborative specialization is hosting orientation programming, you will likely receive more information via email.

School of Graduate Studies (SGS) – All UofT/OISE graduate students have access to resources, programming and services offered through SGS. Such as: academic, professional, awards, international experience, events, Gradlife, and much more (see below). Click here to learn more about SGS Orientation.

University of Toronto Graduate Student Union (UTGSU)

The UTGSU represents all UofT graduate students and advocates for improvements that increase the quality of the graduate student experience, including: improved student access to mental health support, increased funding, improved academic support and resources, and more. They provide many services for their Members, including but not limited to: Tax clinics, Health, Dental, and Travel Insurance, Conference bursaries, Confidential academic appeal support, Conference and Academic Engagement Grants, Funding for UTGSU Members’ events, Fall and Winter Orientation Events, Sport Intramurals, Committee and Caucus Memberships and Funding, and Course Union Memberships and Grants. For more information, visit

How do I register for OISE Orientation?

Click here to register for OISE Orientation. Note, you will receive further information and registration details for your department/program specific orientation programming directly in your email/inbox. Make sure your utorid and utoronto email are set up!

What is UTORID? How do I set up my utoronto email?

utorid is short for utoronto ID. Your utorid is necessary in accessing pretty much everything online. Thus, it is critical that you set up your UTORID as soon as possible. Without your utorid you will be lost, confused and unable to access pretty much anything. As you set up your utorid, you will also set up your utormail (short for utoronto email). Click here to set up your utorid/utormail.

How do I prioritize which events to attend?

You will receive many orientation event invites. It can be overwhelming! Note, every incoming student has unique needs and may prioritize differently. We recommend the following priority order. 

Priority #1 

  • Office of the Registrar & Student Services (ORSS) at OISE
  • Your Department, Program, or Collaborative Specialization at OISE

Priority #2

  • School of Graduate Studies (SGS) at UofT
  • University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU) at UofT

Priority #3

  • All other UofT/OISE group orientation

Questions? Concerns? Not sure who to contact?

Check out this list of contact details for all OISE Orientation programming by department and program.