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OSSC Advisor Bios

Emil Marmol 

Emil is a doctoral candidate in the department of Social Justice Education. As an interdisciplinary scholar with experience in professional film and radio production, he has published on critical media literacy, Cuban society, the impact of neoliberalism on higher education, repression of Latina/os in education, standardized testing, labour struggles, and film. He has recently submitted his doctoral thesis, an autoethnography/testimonio about growing up as the son of Latino immigrants in Orange County, California. Emil has experience as an ESL instructional assistant, has presented papers at numerous conferences and invited lectures, and has served as a journal editor and reviewer. Moreover, he has years of experience working for the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre and the Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy at the University of Toronto Mississauga.  


Fiona Purton

Fiona is a Doctoral Candidate at OISE in the department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning. Her research interests include pedagogies that bridge theory and practice in teacher education and foster in teacher candidates awareness of their responsibilities as Treaty partners. She is also interested in how we can make our educational institutions more equitable and welcoming to populations and people who have traditionally been excluded or made to feel like they do not belong. In the last two decades, she has worked as a middle school teacher, and as a research assistant. She is currently an instructor in the B.Ed program at Brock University and she has taught a number of courses at other B.Ed. programs across the country. She can support you to develop strong lesson and unit plans that are in line with your personal pedagogical commitments and can provide feedback on  reflective writing, and positionally  or personal pedagogical statements. 


Gabrielle Breton-Carbonneau

Gabrielle is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Social Justice Education also affiliated with the Centre de Recherches en Education Franco-Ontarienne (CREFO) at OISE/UT. She is a past recipient of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship and the Fonds Québécois de Recherches sur la Société et la Culture du Québec (FQRSC) doctoral fellowship. Rooted in the fields of sociolinguistics and the anthropology of education, her ethnographic research focuses on francophone mobilities, and specifically looks at the making of Québécois citizens and “emergent francophones” in Quebec’s classe d’accueil program for new immigrant students to the province who do not yet speak French. With experience as an ESL and FSL elementary school teacher, she is fully bilingual and can advise students who require support in both English and French.  Gabrielle also has a strong qualitative research background and can support graduate students with writing preparation, resume and cover letter editing, thesis writing, conference presentations, manuscript preparation, the French-language proficiency exam preparation, as well as with general graduate-level academic writing.


Harriet Akanmori

Harriet is currently a doctoral candidate at OISE, in the Department of Social Justice Education (SJE) and the Comparative International and Development Education (CIDE) collaborative program. With post-graduate experience in a number of disciplines, she has a wide, multidisciplinary knowledge of graduate-level writing and a strong background in qualitative research methodology. Harriet is OCT certified, and has had 23 years of international teaching experience, teaching ESL to ELLs at the secondary level as well as to a wide variety of adult learners. She speaks a number of second languages herself, including Japanese, and her areas of strength with the OSSC will be supporting second language students in particular with academic writing, and assisting all students in general with the organization and editing of proposal writing, course, and research papers, as well as reviewing the various stages of thesis writing.


Jade Kim

Jade is a doctoral candidate in the Language and Literacies (LLE) program. Her research focuses on working with international students to explore their spoken participation experience in seminar-type university courses. She has experience interacting with both undergraduate and graduate students. Previously, she worked with international graduate students speaking English as an additional language (EAL) in various ways including teaching a course on academic conversation skills and holding one-on-one meetings as a writing centre consultant. In addition to supporting graduate students, she has experience working with undergraduate students in both Canada and South Korea. Her skills are best suited for supporting students with research papers, oral presentations, conference proposals, course papers, and comprehensive exams.


Katherine (Katie) Brubacher

Katie is a doctoral candidate in the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning department at OISE. With fifteen years of teaching experience including twelve years of teaching in Ontario elementary schools, two years in a secondary school in England and two years of ESL adult education internationally in the Czech Republic and in Ontario, Katie brings a wide breadth of teaching experiences and knowledge to her position. Katie’s research interests include language learning, classroom-based research with children, literacy, and teacher development. Katie has published several articles and book chapters as well as receiving numerous scholarships. She has also worked in teacher education instructing teacher candidates in classroom-based teaching methods, elementary literacy education and middle school teaching. Her skills are best suited for supporting students with research proposals, lesson and unit planning, course papers, and research publications.


Lucy El-Sherif

Lucy is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning and has completed the Collaborative Graduate Program in Ethnic and Pluralism Studies during her Ph.D., as well as the Comparative, International and Development Education Collaborative Program during her MA. An Arab Muslim immigrant to Canada, Lucy’s research looks at themes of citizenship, subjectivity, and cultural production, research for which she has held three Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) awards. Her work is interdisciplinary and sits at the intersection of education, cultural studies, and diaspora/transnational studies. She has broad experience coaching writing, having coached writing in the graduate class Writing: From Idea to Reality with Prof. Indigo Esmonde for a year, as well as working with English language learners within the Arabic-speaking community for many years. Her skills are best suited for support with course papers, research publications, comprehensive exams, award plans of study, habits of productive academic writing, and oral presentation preparation and practice. Lucy speaks fluent Arabic. She has published in Comparative and International Education/ Éducation Comparée et InternationaleCurriculum Inquiry, and Lateral: Journal of the Cultural Studies Association.


Mary-Ann Fowler

As a PhD candidate in Language and Literacies Education (LLE), Mary-Ann has a special interest in second language writing. Using a critical academic literacies and ecological framework, Mary-Ann's research investigates academic writing support for international MEd students at OISE who use English as an additional language (EAL). Mary-Ann holds a Master of Education in Adult Education and a Master of Library and Information Science. Mary-Ann is  TESL Ontario certified, and has worked with international English language learners at the college level, both as a writing advisor and an academic writing instructor. Previously, Mary-Ann taught in the public-school sector, working with students in grades K-12, as well as managed an employee training department for a large retail organization, where I designed and facilitated a variety of courses and workshops. Mary-Ann is very happy to support students with library research, course assignments, comprehensive exams, thesis proposals, teaching materials, and oral presentations. Mary-Ann also facilitates the Academic Writing Group for EAL MEd students.


Michael Koslowski

Michael is a PhD candidate at OISE in the Languages & Literacies Education (LLE) program. He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics, and his research focuses on plurilingualism, the connections between languages, and the benefits of multilingual classrooms. With around 14 years of experience teaching English language learners in Canada, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, and the Czech Republic, Michael can assist international students with their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Having also taught English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for a number of years at York University, Michael has a lot of experience helping students with researching, planning, outlining, drafting, editing, and formatting academic writing. Other areas of expertise include coaching students in oral presentations, interviews, and how to adjust to new educational cultures. Michael's extensive teaching experience means he can also be a helpful resource for teacher trainees as they prepare to enter the classroom.


Mona El Samaty

Mona is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Her research interests include sociolinguistics, language, multilingualism, immigration and education. Her interdisciplinary ethnographic research explored the relationship between language and sense of belonging among second-generation Arab immigrants in Montreal. Mona taught English for academic purposes at York University in the past years, and in the UAE and Egypt prior to that. She can therefore assist students with their EAP needs and also their IELTS exam preparation. She can also support graduate students with their resumes, cover letters, as well as with steps involved in thesis writing (brainstorming, outlining, literature review, etc.). She is also an avid conference presenter and has recent publications and can provide guidance in those domains. Mona can provide advising in both English and French; she also speaks Arabic.


Sana Abuleil 

Sana is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, focusing specifically on Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP). She completed her Master of Teaching in 2019 at OISE in intermediate/senior education, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo, as well. Her research explores refugee education in particular, emphasizing academic achievement gaps, issues in pedagogy, social integration, and assimilation. Sana has a strong background in technical/academic writing and research, and can support students with course papers and resumes/cover letters. She is also happy to assist teacher trainees with lesson plans, mock lessons, unit plans, and assessment tools. Sana speaks fluent Arabic. 


Shelly Mehta

Shelly Mehta is a doctoral candidate in the Applied Psychology and Human Development department.  Her dissertation is focused on kindergartners’ perception of their social and pedagogical experiences. Shelly is a certified PJ teacher in Ontario (OCT) with additional qualifications in special education and primary education. Shelly is also a registered early childhood educator in Ontario (RECE). She has been involved in numerous research projects at OISE and with other institutions. Shelly  has been a faculty member in the ECE department at George Brown College for over a decade. She is also a lecturer at Ryerson University and has taught at other colleges and universities over the past several years. Her content areas of expertise include child and lifespan development, psychology and neuropsychology, curriculum development and teaching in the early years, all through a social justice and equity framework. Shelly works closely with international students,  English Language Learners and mature students. She can support graduate students with their CV/resume/cover letter writing skills, interviewing skills, job application processes and overall vocational skill development. In addition, Shelly can also assist students with various academic writing and presentation skills as well as TOEFL/IELTS exams. 


Stacy Alexandra Costa

Stacy is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning with a Collaboration with Engineering education. In this role, she researches advancing online Knowledge Work within Education innovation to understand students' misconceptions, idea trajectories, and students' use of Collaborative Annotation within online communities. Her Master's degree work focused on mathematics education and elementary students and can assist OISE students whose focus relates to these areas. Expertise in STEM-related questions and instructional planning. She is a past recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS).

As a professional public speaker, she has presented to various groups (Menza, Toronto Public Library, University of Toronto, Ted Talk Speaker). She has presented to a wide range of audiences - young children to senior administrative staff for a wide range of presentation experience needs. She has extensive experience producing manuscripts, has published extensively in journals and has edited for several publications and conferences. She can help assist students in various writing stages and for a wide variety of assignment expectations.


Susan He

Susan is a doctoral student in the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education studying Higher Education with a collaborative specialization in Educational Policy. She previously completed her Master of Education in Higher Education and Master of Teaching at OISE. Her research and professional work experiences focus on student development and the professionalization of practitioners within post-secondary student affairs. Susan has designed many research projects at the university, contributing to the assessment and measurement of postsecondary education outcomes. She can support students with academic presentations, designing surveys, research proposals, course assignment preparation, conference proposals, and research papers. Additionally, she offers professional supports in career exploration, resume and cover letters.  


Ty Walkland

Ty Walkland is a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Pedagogy (CTL) whose SSHRC-funded dissertation research explores critical and holistic approaches to school-based drug education. Before pursuing full-time graduate studies, Ty taught secondary English, Social Science, and Special Education for the Simcoe County District School Board. He still teaches high school occasionally and continues to lead workshops across the province that support education workers to meet the needs of diverse youth and families. As a lead research assistant for Addressing Injustices (, a critical practitioner research project that involves students and teachers co-creating social justice curriculum, Ty has presented numerous papers at international conferences, co-authored academic journal articles and book chapters, and developed curriculum for youth and teachers. He can support students as they prepare academic presentations and publications, comprehensive exams and theses, course projects, and professional portfolios for teaching and academic job markets.


Velta Douglas

Velta is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Her research interests include: Environmental Education, critical literacy, Indigenous content and epistemologies at the high school level, social justice education, and practitioner inquiry. She is OCT certified and taught English, Social Studies and Science in high schools in New Brunswick and Nunavik. She also has experience teaching ESL to elementary students in South Korea and Paraguay. As well, she has extensive experience coaching and supporting writers develop planning and accountability measure to overcome resistance and emotional barriers. With expertise as an assistant journal editor and reviewer, she can support students with journal articles, conference proposals, comprehensive exams and research proposals. Additionally, she can offer support to students on resume/cover letters.

Ximena Martinez Trabucco

Ximena is a doctoral candidate in the department of Social Justice Education and in the Environmental Collaborative Specialization. Ximena has extensively worked in intercultural and multicultural spaces, with minoritized and marginalized population. Her research addresses the coloniality of environmentalism and the representation of indigenous peoples within it. Part of her work in the area of education relate to play, learning and emotions. Her scholarship is informed by anti-racism values and holds a decolonial approach. Ximena has a strong background in qualitative research methodologies with emphasis on ethnographic techniques. As an experienced classroom teacher, Ximena is great helping to shape and organize ideas for assignments and research purposes. Ximena is an international graduate student. She speaks English and Spanish and is also happy to respond questions related to health care, childcare, university resources, OISE graduate students administrative matters and doubts about living in Toronto.